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  1. bkmont

    Found some pics of my 73

    The year is 1979. 1976 Chevelle Laguna S3 - SB 400 with the breather lid turned upside down for that quad 4 barrel kick in sound, auto, swivel buckets
  2. bkmont

    Side View Mirror Glass Date Code/Manufacture

    Them and Paragon are the only places that I have heard of doing any date coded mirror stuff. I guess the market is not there. I still have a driver side date coded mirror for a 68 Corvette that I bought from Paragon 22 years ago.
  3. bkmont

    Side View Mirror Glass Date Code/Manufacture

    You might try Heartbeat City.
  4. bkmont

    1970 ss/rs/z28 mistake

    SS/RS/Z28 - LS6 option selected:bowtie:
  5. bkmont

    Challenger Short Rise Lift Mod

    Hi guys, I bought a used Challenger short rise lift out of a Sam's Super center remodel a fews back for $500. It's a great little lift for full frame vehicles. The Camaro has never really fit the lift very well. I've been thinking about adding extensions to it to make a full drive on...
  6. bkmont

    70 z28 carburetor question

    Just guessing maybe since they were reissue and not over the GM counter service carbs?
  7. bkmont

    70 z28 carburetor question

    Dave, Would the later base plate prevent it from being a drop in replacement? When did the later baseplate make it into production? Bryan
  8. bkmont

    70 z28 carburetor question

    This one could be a good candidate for a spare 4555 2121. New Listing1970 Chevrolet Corvette 4555 Holley Carburetor 350/370hp GM #3972121 70 Camaro
  9. bkmont

    help id these braces

    Looks similar to under dash bracing for a C3 Corvette.
  10. bkmont

    Parts, parts, parts....

    I just want to report on a great transaction with the Doc. Great communication and fast shipping.
  11. bkmont

    2022 Hot Rod Power Tour

    I think I'll break out the water injector. Good thing I removed it from the slant 6 before I sold it. I knew it would come in handy again one day. The blue bus is calling. Gotta go.
  12. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    Yeah, thanks for the pic. I have a 1970 Z28 so i would have to buy the later model stud/bolt in order to turn it around like suggested. A 1970 Z28 came with just a standard bolt according to the page in my AIM.
  13. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    The 70 AIM N40 A3 page shows just a bolt going through that part of the bracket that is attached to the exhaust manifold. Is there another page I should be looking at?
  14. bkmont

    Welding Sheet Metal Help

    :bowtie::bowtie::bowtie:Cup holders - you either love them or hate them. I mostly keep my cup holder in the glove box out of sight. It only comes out when I know it can be safely hung on the driver side door panel and there's no chance of it being seen in public.:bowtie::bowtie::bowtie:
  15. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    I think, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, flipping the bolt works if you have factory A/C. My car does not. A/C stud
  16. bkmont

    73 RS Z28 @ Phoenix Streetside

    Did it sell? Bid closed at $30,100. Reserve not met.
  17. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    By all means chime in! Staying true to my original question. Using this bracket is an option too. Very clean looking bracket. I'll have to check to see if my 1970 pump has the right attributes for this bracket to work.
  18. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    I got these still in the box headers from a guy that inherited them from his brother. I'm currently having to run Accel shorty plugs due to using the Old Turbo 292 angle plug heads with the factory exhaust manifolds. These headers are supposed to accommodate the angle plugs too. Hoping I can...
  19. bkmont

    Factory power Steering Brackets with Headers

    Holy crap guys! Sorry to waste your time. I opened up the bag of bolts and found the included spacers.