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  1. Twisted_Metal

    how high will your engine rev, bet not 30,000 rpm

    Doesn’t really seem useful at all besides being an example of the simplest (and smallest) rotary engine. Tough to start and keep running, even with no load. I could almost smell all the raw fuel and exhaust it was dumping.
  2. Twisted_Metal

    14“ Air Filter Bottom off center

    Moving it forward to clear the ignition box (distributor) will make the top/front of the air cleaner closer to the hood. But this air cleaner base is "dropped" (lower than the carb seal) so hood clearance may not be a problem.
  3. Twisted_Metal

    14“ Air Filter Bottom off center

    Is this for a 2nd gen Camaro? Why would you use it?
  4. Twisted_Metal

    Second Gen Wiper Switch

    There were several wiper switches used in 2nd gen Camaros. What year is the car? Does it have hidden wipers? Delay wipers?
  5. Twisted_Metal

    14“ Air Filter Bottom off center

    Amazon "International Shipping" For more info about Amazon shipping to Germany...
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    Bad jokes..... NWS

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    Wheel well installation

    Absolutely Correct! But I actually have the driver's side assembled backwards. (bolted above the fender) It was a new GM Dealer fender (in 1993) but the old wheel well fit better on the inside (above) the fender. I went back and forth about 4 times before I finally decided to bolt it in the...
  8. Twisted_Metal

    Door & Hood Hinges

    Whatever preases those ball bearings into the divot (spring?) is probably responsible for the “ping” sound.
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    ^ Suffering from a severe case of CRI... "Cranial-Rectal Intrusion".
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    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    You have a hose right there.... Hose the lint off the A/C unit every couple of months.
  11. Twisted_Metal

    What do you do on your

    I've got a Lotzza Motzza coming out of the oven right now. (Pepperoni, Brew Pub brand) Oh... And Happy Birthday, Bob! :D
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    Low Volume, High Pitch Hum from Alternator

    With the key on... The field circuit is "excited"and the field coil is creating a magnetic field. All it needs to produce juice is for the pulley to turn. I'm not sure I've ever listened closely to one with the key "on" and the engine "off". My guess... Your alternator hums because it...
  13. Twisted_Metal

    51 v interior color.

    "15V" is what is says but that "15" code should be followed by "R", "N" or "C". Post a pic of whatever interior is there to determine what the rest should be.
  14. Twisted_Metal

    51 v interior color.

    I don't see a "51v" as an option for 81 interior. Did you mean "15C"? (That equates to Silver, Custom cloth.)
  15. Twisted_Metal

    Looking for a slight “boost” to the exhaust system

    Louder or a little larger? I’m using the Thrush/Dynomax 2-1/2” transverse system.
  16. Twisted_Metal

    PF 25 oil filter

    Same filter as Wix 51061. (Napa Gold filters are made by Wix.)
  17. Twisted_Metal

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    ^ Quote From the land of Molson Golden and moose knuckles. ;)
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    Glass… no issue. Things like properly fitting (NOS) sheet metal has gotten very expensive for the early 2nd gens. (Often $1000 or more per panel for fenders and quarter panels.)
  19. Twisted_Metal

    Windshield wiper motor. I am so confused

    Standard and hidden (recessed) wiper motors mount differently. For early 2nd gens, hidden wipers required an adapter plate to mount the wiper motor to the firewall. (Hidden wipers were optional.) Starting around 78, 2nd gens came standard with hidden wipers so the firewall was redesigned with...
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    Is it cheaper in the end to buy rust free base model and convert, or z28 with rust?

    The 79-81 Z28s were not much for performance cars. Only pristine, numbers-matching survivors are bringing top money for those years. The 79-81 interior had very few pieces specific to a Z28. A Berlinetta or base coupe could have everything a Z28 had (interior wise) except a special overlay of...