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  1. tom3

    Casting number

    Might post that up on and get a response. Is that inside the engine block? L98 motor?
  2. tom3

    1970 RS/SS L34 restoration project

    Now you're ready for the fun part I think. Looking great and a pretty rare car too. Great project!
  3. tom3

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Speaking of lawyers... After winning a big case, two lawyers decide to celebrate by taking an ocean cruise. All goes well for the first few days but, as luck would have it, the boiler explodes and the boat sinks in the middle of nowhere. The two lawyers cling onto a life preserver and wind up...
  4. tom3

    PF 25 oil filter

    I recall back in the 90s with the transverse engines that the oil would drain out of the side horizontal mounted filters and the lifters/bearings would rattle for a second or so on cold start. I assume this check valve in the filter was to hold the oil from draining out of the filter? Not sure...
  5. tom3

    Tire Repair

    Sure is a good looking Olds there. A shame that GM pulled the plug on that brand, but what they were building at the end was pretty sorry.
  6. tom3

    Trans Code from Window Sticker

    I wanted to bring this up but my flame suit is full of burned holes.
  7. tom3

    Trans Code from Window Sticker

    By driving the car if it has the M22 you would notice it has a similar rpm drop from third to fourth as in the first three gears while the M20 has a pretty large drop in rpm in the 3 - 4 shift. Doesn't help much for the M21 to M22 though. This chart for 69 to 74 might help some: Characters...
  8. tom3

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    The shorter the dryer vent the better. Put in a long run and wind up with a house full of lint. How much do you run that dryer? Figure out a schedule to dry clothes with the AC off? Or as above, clean the condenser coil every year or so. That house on a slab? If not run the vent into the...
  9. tom3

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    Who says there's no 70 1/2?
  10. tom3

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    I have that Die Cast too and just ordered this: (keep me busy all winter)
  11. tom3

    How To Best Clean Automatic Transmission

    Scrape it first, then a stiff brush and some Purple Cleaner. That stuff is strong, seems to remove skin on my fingers. But washes off with no big mess. Power washer works pretty good if careful - but I usually get wet and filthy when I use it for car parts.
  12. tom3

    Low Volume, High Pitch Hum from Alternator

    Some of this stuff is very sensitive to RF and eddy currents. Spark plug wires too close to a signal wire can cause this. That might be the case for alternator that could have a bad circuit in it that could cause it. Might try unplugging the field wire for a while and see if the TPS goes to...
  13. tom3

    93 Camaro clutch problem

    No exact help but I can say that bleeding these hyd. clutch cylinders is a real pain in the butt. I'd guess that's the problem?
  14. tom3

    Trans Code from Window Sticker

    The M22 would be pretty noisy, and I THINK it would have a drain plug in the early years.
  15. tom3

    Replacement alternator - how many amps

    This would be my route:
  16. tom3

    Correct 1970 Camaro Z28 Tires?

    What was the full price of the set from Kelsey?
  17. tom3

    Voltage readings

    Should be around 14 volts all the time. That 63 amp alt. is a notch above the standard issue 37 amp usually seen on non-AC cars. I'd guess a bad diode or two.
  18. tom3

    MY 70 Z28 RS COPO ?

    I think the first thing I would have done is put on a solid radiator cap and pressurized the whole system with about 20 psi and found out where the coolant was going before the teardown. That small block sure got toasted! Got pretty much off topic, but an interesting video.
  19. tom3

    1974 Rochester 2bbl Carburetor Replacement

    But then you'd need a new intake, and while that's off a new set of performance heads, then might as well change that peanut camshaft to a roller, add good set of headers, then swap out that airplane ratio rear end gear. I get a little glassy eyed just thinking about it.
  20. tom3

    Looking for a slight “boost” to the exhaust system

    I've always had the transverse muffler on my 70, but never liked it. All that heat right next to the differential and the gas tank can't be a good thing on a hot summer day on the blacktop. I think you could go with a pair of oval shaped mufflers tucked up pretty tight under the car with...