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    L78 Camaro Registry


    Forsale NOS and Used Camaro 2nd Generation parts.

    I would like to buy a battery tray as well, if you have another.

    L78 Camaro Registry

    Todd,and Trevaah, could you post a picture of the trim tag, and the vin for my registry? Thanks Mike

    1970 SS Camaro

    Gary S, my 05B VANUYS RS/SS 350 did not come with F41, but it did have the rear swaybar brackets welded on the rear rails.

    70 correct spare rim paint color

    What hub caps do you have? Full wheel cover=all 5 wheels black19 inside and out. If you have the bowtie poverty caps, I'm not 100%. Maybe Gary S can chime in. He is the original owner of a Daytona yellow SS 350 car with poverty caps.

    Thoughts on this block stamp?

    Looks bogus to me guys. They were gang stamped with engine code at Flint plant, so the down hill appearance is a red flag for me. The misaligned stamps were more common on the mid to late sixties engines, but it was the vin, not the engine code. Yenko site has some examples.

    It took thirty years to get this car......but I got it!

    I purchased this car from Troy in March of 2019. The car does not have the original engine. It has a 1970 LS6 454 in it. It has been in there a long time. Recently received documentation showing the CRR crate engine was installed by the selling dealer 1 month after taking delivery. The...

    1970 z28 correct fuel lines

    Guys, they're all brass, the darker one is just tarnished.

    70/71 Camaro Wood Grain Horn Shroud

    Call REM direct, that's how I got one.
  10. THNDER

    PSA - Repop '70 Dome Light

    Steve, you're gonna lose points on that LED bulb!
  11. THNDER

    70 Deluxe door panels-2 left side ONLY-$500 for both

    Just for the record, I have 2 sets of deluxe door panels that were restored by just dashes and I am very happy with them. I can also guarantee you that no one is pickier than me.
  12. THNDER

    1972 SS 396 LS-3 HP rating

    I have an 09E Ascot blue, blue deluxe interior, A/C,P/S,P/B chrome lid, orange valve covers.
  13. THNDER

    Producing Windshield Eyebrow Escutcheons 1970 Only

    Hey Tommy, thanks for taking this on. When you are ready, I could use some of these. Thanks Mike
  14. THNDER

    CL Wheel Question

    i have a set of 5 CL wheels dated Dec 69'
  15. THNDER

    Anyone here own the '70 Z28 in the Jan 2010 Muscle Car Review?

    Dean, did you recently purchase that car?
  16. THNDER

    Distributor Stamping Question

    All distributors shown , look good to me.