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    CAVU, Bob Routt

    Sad news. Rest in peace, Bob. Heartfelt condolences to Bob's family.
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    1971 Z28 CECS harness routing

    Mike, here are pics of wire clip. I believe there is only one clip used at front valve cover bolt. Dennis
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    Correct power steeing pressure hose

    Nice job Mike. I have saved a couple of hoses over the years for that very reason. I have never seen correct reproductions. Dennis
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    WTB Clock Knob Screw

    You are very welcome. Glad I could help out.
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    WTB Clock Knob Screw

    Send me your mailing address and i will send you one. Dennis
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    Z-28 Holley Throttle Return Spring

    I will take 2.
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    GM 12 point bolts

    My 01D 71 has the 12 point bolts on the hood latch Dennis
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    Restoring Blue Clip Rings

    Chuck, the clips on 73 and up were a dark blue. The lighter blue clips were on the 70-71 cars. Not sure about 72 as the change may have occured sometime in the 72 model run. Rick might have an idea as to when the change occured. Dennis
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    Beautiful 70 Z28 spotted.

    Congrats, Mike. Car looks awesome as always. Dennis
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    1970 rear copo spoiler questions.

    Ron, send me a message with your email and I can send you a picture. Dennis
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    1970 rear copo spoiler questions.

    The COPO 70 and early 71 spoilers were manufactured by A O Smith company. The General Tire manufactured spoilers were later production. Dennis
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    New 1970 Z28 Project

    Cool project, in very capable hands. Nice color too! Dennis
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    1971 z28 air cleaner specs

    Chuck, not the same as "born with". The base has slight difference and the lid has more noticable differences. Still a nice piece. Dennis
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    Looking for 70-71 Deluxe door panel pieces

    Joe, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Part is boxed up and I will ship it out UPS in the morning. I have been working a lot of hours and get home too tired to get on the computer! Dennis
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    Looking for 70-71 Deluxe door panel pieces

    I have one that is pretty nice. Let me know if you are interested and I can send it to you. Dennis
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    Opinions on my firewall to undercarriage overspray?

    Looks real good. Nice work! Dennis
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    70-72 Ss Emblem Template

    Mike, went out UPS today. Glad to help. Dennis
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    Got my 69 Z28 certified by Jerry MacNeish

    Mike, thanks for clarifying the legends guidelines. Your explanation of the difference between having a car certified and having it judged is very well stated also. The time and commitment that you and the other judges give to this hobby is very much appreciated by many. Thanks! Dennis
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    Got my 69 Z28 certified by Jerry MacNeish

    Does a Legends certification verify that the car has it's original "born with" drivetrain intact? Can a car with a restoration engine, or wrong transmission still score high enough to be awarded a Legends certification? Maybe one of the judges could clarify this.
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    Correct color for rear axle bump stops

    I believe the brackets were bolted on the body before it was dipped in red oxide on Norwood cars. Brackets should be red oxide with body color overspray on them. Rubber was installed later. Not certain about LA cars. Dennis