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  1. gregh

    since the swap meet so meessed up, I'll post a link to my ad in here

    Car sold today, it was sad to see it get winched into the trailer.
  2. gregh

    Aftermarket gauges

    I took my stock dash to a buddy with a brake & had him duplicate the bends in a piece of 1/8" aluminum.
  3. gregh


    I thought it was because of the small back window??
  4. gregh

    what is it with Veitnam vets and being bikers?

    Yes most of the original bikes were WWII vets, they started the whole concept & the Vietnam guys just picked up the torch when they got back. IMHO, I think the reason it was,they lived so so long on the edge, living from moment to moment that when they came back & tried to slide right into the...
  5. gregh

    since the swap meet so meessed up, I'll post a link to my ad in here

    I got offered a trade to a 98 Camaro ragtop last night, ls1, 6spd, black on black, 60,000 miles that he claimed was mint. Good thing it was by email, he couldn't hear me laugh.
  6. gregh

    My youtube site I modified a bunch last night

    Everything from my car to a few bone stock 2nd Gens going down the track. There are some "Of the the other guys too" but not too many, after all, its my site, LOL Mostly about my car but camertoms there too and a few other camaros
  7. gregh

    since the swap meet so meessed up, I'll post a link to my ad in here

    Yup, the beast is up for sale, with having no track for 200 miles any more, I've decided:eek: to sell my car:o :o :o :o :screwup: :whine: :confused:
  8. gregh

    Hooker headers a pain

    Which Hookers? The 1 3/4" Comp models? That's what I have & they were far worse that the 1 5/8" Hookers I took off. I found some Allen key bolts that had worked on all 12 for the smaller headers but I had to grind the hell out of the head on 2-3 of them to fit the bigger ones. Then an Wobble...
  9. gregh

    Firebird doors

    The outer skin has a completely different body line.
  10. gregh

    a bit upset

    I'd be interested in hearing the builders explanation for the scuffs on the block.
  11. gregh

    Need Help Asap1 Those are for a first gen camaro, I don't think there is any way short of a torch & a sledge hammer you'll get them to fit a 2nd gen.
  12. gregh

    Powder Coat or Buy New

    There are masking materials(kinda a rubber based tape) that could be used to shield the chrome like you are asking but there would still be an edge between the old chrome & the new powdered steel that would probably start to rust or peel. A better solution would be to powder them in 2 stages...
  13. gregh

    PLEASE HELP! Monte carlo should run faster in the 1/4!

    Yup, just using my car as a street cruiser now, It's a little hard on gas but the smiles per gallon are worth it, LOL.
  14. gregh

    PLEASE HELP! Monte carlo should run faster in the 1/4!

    I agree on the timing, my engine is happiest with 40 total in by 3000rpm(I pull 6 degrees for the N20 runs) & no vacuum advance. I have vacuum advance & have tried running it but found no advantage on the street at all.
  15. gregh

    PLEASE HELP! Monte carlo should run faster in the 1/4!

    My combo is pretty close to your, 409sbc, AFR 195's, Vic Jr, Pro Systems 901cfm carb, 3.73 gears, TH350 & my cam(Comp XR286R) is within 5 degrees of yours with similar lift. My convertor is a Coan built specifically for me & designed to run best with a 150hp shot of N20 but I have made a ton of...
  16. gregh

    Talk about a close call.

    That was about 2 miles from my house, the wind was unreal but so was the hail storm a few hours later. No BS, we went out and gathered some of the hail & it measured 2-2 1/2 " across. It pummeled the hell out of my GF's car, thankfully the Camaro was in the garage.
  17. gregh

    ? for guys using Caltracs

    Hmm, so you can now. When I looked 4 years ago I couldn't find any & the tap was over $80.
  18. gregh

    ? for guys using Caltracs

    Camertom on here made his own set(& we\ve compared his to my bought set) & the one problem no one, including us, has solved is adjusting them quickly & easily. Caltracs have one regular & one reverse thread heim joint per bar. To adjust them you undo the lock nut & spin the tube. With Tom's...
  19. gregh

    Adding memory, laptop, question

    You'll have to check Toshiba's website for the exact spec's but with that age of a machine, I'll guess it only supports 2 gigs total ram. It may not even recognize a 2 gig single stick.
  20. gregh

    Spring Height Question

    You are measuring them with no load on them, not a good way to compare springs because they will compress to a different height(under load) depending on the spring rate(strength).

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