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  1. flht99b

    Camaro or Aftermarket Wheels question

    Has anyone ever seen wheels like these. They 14" diameter, 7" wide, 4 3/4" bolt circle, have an outer trim ring and center cap that appear to be stainless steel. They are steel wheels with the turbine type centers in hard rubber or plastic. They vaguely look like the 2nd gen Berlinetta wheels...
  2. flht99b

    1973 Camaro Z28 Acceleration problems.

    10 psi fuel pressure at idle? Really?
  3. flht99b

    2021 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Did the 2019 HRPT in at the time a 48 yr old car. Averaged a little over 17mpg during the 1987 mile roundtrip. Biggest issue was comfort with no a/c. Farthest we went each day was approximately 250 miles between venues. Registered Thursday evening. We're all set except some maintenance and...
  4. flht99b

    2021 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Youngest son and will be doing the long haul for the 3rd time, 2018, 2019 and now 2021. As I left the 2nd gen faturnity in February this year, we will be traveling in my recently acquired 1997 SS SLP Camaro. At least 1 day I'll be wearing my NastyZ28 T shirt though. I'm surprised we still...
  5. flht99b

    RIP Ginger

    Sorry for your loss. We have 2 Main Coon's. The 20+lb male just turned 12 and bonded with me on day one. I dread the day we say goodbye to him, hopefully he'll be around many more years.
  6. flht99b

    Spring cleaning 2nd gen parts and more part 2

    Never received the PM. Try it again.
  7. flht99b

    2021 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Looking at it now. Did the HRPT long haul in 2018 with my 2010 SS/RS Camaro and the 2019 long haul in my 71Z28. Words cannot describe this event. Sorry to see in 2021 it's 5 stops instead of the traditional 7 stops but at least at this time the 2021 tour is on. Summit is 476 miles from me and...
  8. flht99b

    Spring cleaning 2nd gen parts and more part 1

    Never received your PM but did get one from member Rosser, though not paid for yet it is probably sold. If anything changes I will contact you.
  9. flht99b

    Spring cleaning 2nd gen parts and more part 3

    Additional 2nd gen Camaro parts from my 71Z28 I have for sale: 1. Car cover, used maybe 3 or 4 times. I believe it is an indoor/outdoor cover. Fit like a glove on my 71Z28 with 1 piece rear spoiler, no front spoiler, has elastic around the bottom to keep it in place. Light gray is inside cover...
  10. flht99b

    Spring cleaning 2nd gen parts and more part 2

    This is part 2 of the gen 2 Camaro parts and more. 1. Wagner OEM 7" sealed beam, used but working fine. Replaced them with sealed beam Halogen lights which weren't any better. Asking $10 for the pair. 2. Original, used 16" silver pin type attachment wiper arms. Asking $15 for the pair. 3. Used...
  11. flht99b

    Spring cleaning 2nd gen parts and more part 1

    Having sold my 71Z28 I would like to clear out all the extra parts I have. 1. Original P/S box with approximately 60K miles on it. Replaced it with a gen3 type box. Asking $100. SOLD 3/16/21 2. BNIB Accel GM HEI distributor cap and rotor. Has copper inserts. Asking $30. 3. New NAPA motor mounts...
  12. flht99b

    Car cover suggestions

    I am going to be listing in the swap forum a form fit cover from my now sold 71Z28. I believe it is indoor/outdoor, used it 3 or 4 times indoor only. I'll have to look at what brand it is.
  13. flht99b

    Help me find an Alt bracket that fits my 350 engine

    Chrome version of what I had on my car that I showed you in posts 3 and 4: Your welcome.
  14. flht99b

    Clamshell motor mount removal

    Did you notice when struggling to tighten the bolts of the frame side of the motor mounts there was play in the holes for the bolts? Sorry to say you will need to loosen all of them, get the clamshell mounts bolted up AND leave everything loose till you are sure the rear trans mount lines up...
  15. flht99b

    Help me find an Alt bracket that fits my 350 engine

    That aftermarket alternator bracket looks like an expensive way to make access to the lower radiator hose a problem. And should the hose leak at the water pump end the alternator will be the recipient of an anti freeze bath. Contrary to popular belief, the OEM's devote a lot of engineering...
  16. flht99b

    Help me find an Alt bracket that fits my 350 engine

    You need the bracket that came on later model 2nd gen Camaro's and I'm sure other Chevrolet's in the later 70's into the 80's. I can tell you an oem bracket from an 81 Z28 with a 305 fits your intake and water pump as it was what I used on my car with the threaded hole in the aftermarket intake...

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