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  1. John Wright

    Rear end housing angle shims
  2. John Wright

    Cool little Vega

    I had a 71 hatch with a 151ci and a 2 speed power glide.
  3. John Wright

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    That is a crazy amount of lint! Wow....never seen anything like that out of mine and we wash a lot of clothes. I see some, but nowhere near that amount. Are you cleaning the lint filter in the drier every load?
  4. John Wright


    hurts my neck just looking at it.
  5. John Wright

    Progression Distributor.

    My guess on the scale on the left side of the table is for MAP (KPa).
  6. John Wright

    Just well wishing everyone

    Good to see you checking in, hope you can get to feeling better soon....sorry to hear about Wookie's kids, that's a tough one for a parent to handle.
  7. John Wright

    power to manual window adjustments.

    Sorry, I mis-understood your problem. I guess you could slot out some existing holes or add new holes if you need to, but they have a lot of adjustment built in. I know when I adjusted mine, I would overshoot the adjustment and have a worst problem than when I first started. It took me several...
  8. John Wright

    power to manual window adjustments.

    try sure helped me get my windows a lot better
  9. John Wright

    Need help with 87 silverado

    I agree with the others...check those fusible links down by the starter. The starter may have taken one of those out if it was dragging too hard or shorted itself out at the armature.
  10. John Wright

    Passenger rear locks up when braking normally

    My leaky axle seal was expensive.....I ended up with the "while it's apart, I might as well"....and that gets expensive. (New Eaton carrier and 3.73 gears, C5 brakes, new dual master for discs, new brake lines, SS flex lines, 17" rims to fit over the C5 brakes, tires for 17" rims...etc, etc.)
  11. John Wright

    Passenger rear locks up when braking normally

    ^^^ding, ding...I bet he's a winner A small amount of grease, even greasy finger prints will make those rear shoes lock up. Also check to see if the drums are out of round. If you apply the brakes the shoe will hang on the high spot inside the drum and lock up the wheel.
  12. John Wright

    Anyone else downgrading?

    My advice....ask Dave Ramsey what he would do....LOL. I'm still driving my 04' Silverado with 234K on the clock(all of those miles are mine). I have been without anything but monthly bills for several years and I just can't bring myself to go back in debt to buy something that will drop $3-4K...
  13. John Wright

    Anyone else downgrading?

    I like that color of red.
  14. John Wright

    72 SS 350 Exhaust Tail Pipes

    I used Pypes 3" "hockey stick" tail pipe kit. Mine is stainless (not chrome), but they did a great job polishing it and it has the right "look" that I was looking for.
  15. John Wright

    Anyone else downgrading?

    If it gets you out of that note...go for it. You can always find another new truck later and it will be easier without grinding along for years with a huge note.
  16. John Wright

    Window adjustment 1971 RSSS Maybe this will help^, I used it and got my windows adjusted a lot better
  17. John Wright

    Another "running hot" thread

    Verify (even brand new, brand name, out of the package T-stats) that your T-stat is opening at the correct temperature before installing it.....I heat a pan of water and verify the temperature of the water, then drop the T-stat in the pan and watch it open. I can't tell you how many brand new...
  18. John Wright

    New Custom Works cluster

    My GPS antenna currently resides on the factory center speaker grill (metal) in the center of the dash at the windshield. It gets a good view of the sky and the only time that I found that it stops getting a GPS signal is in a tunnel.
  19. John Wright

    Alternator Whine

    Probably need to isolate all of the power sources for all of the devices, not just the head unit...especially if there is an amplifier. Capacitors do a decent job smoothing out the power.
  20. John Wright

    New Custom Works cluster

    I wanted the turn signals built into the gauges, but communication got messed up and it didn't get added. So. I did the best next thing and added LEDs indicator lights from Advance Auto. The bright light indicator needs to be dimmed down, as it blinds you when you are trying to blind on coming...

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