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    Subframe body mount repair

    Question- what is the diameter of the holes on the subframe where it bolts up to the firewall? And is that the same diameter as the rear mount holes under the floor? Mine are rotted so I'm not sure how big to size the holes on my patch pieces. Closest holesaw I have is 1-5/8" so hopefully...
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    rear wheelwell 'seatbelt hump'

    I've heard of this so-called hump getting in the way running big tires.. Thinking about chopping them and smoothing the wheel wells out as I want to fit the biggest meats I can without mini-tubbing or relocating shocks. I also plan on rolling fender edges. Anybody have experience with whether or...
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    removing/repairing torque boxes

    Has anyone here ever removed the floor support/ torque box where the front leaf spring mount bolts into? I have to do some re-constructing on mine. I could patch them on the car but I've been thinking about pulling them off to a) make it easier to repair and b) kill the rust inside. What do you...
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    355, carb too small?

    I'm almost done putting together a mild street 355 for my buddy's chevelle and trying to decide on what size carb would be best. Right now I have the eddy performer that was on it before which is a 600cfm and worked well on the bone stock 350 but seems like not enough for the new motor. Basic...
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    Would you pull the headliner?

    Can't decide whether or not to pull the headliner down in my 71. I am doing a full on rotisserie job on this car, headliner is mint but I want to get at the underside of the roof to soda blast and paint along with the rest of the interior. I feel like it would be stupid not to, but supposedly...
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    "Quick & Dirty" '71 SS

    I've been beating on my camaro's rotted framerails and saggy suspension for 3 years now! I finally took it off the road for a frame-off resto, the goal is an all old-school street machine. Brief summary of the car up until this point: Bought off ebay in jan '09 when I was 20. Got it from Ohio...
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    putting together a 9"

    I'm about to buy axles for my 9" going in the 71.. just a couple questions for whoever can chime in. I am considering whether or not it would be good to narrow the housing? I plan on stuffing as much meat as I can (bang in seatbelt humps, roll fenders) but I want to keep stock...
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    gear/axle supplier?

    Looking for a good (knowledgeable, reliable) rep/supplier that can help me out with ordering parts for my street/strip 9". I need axles, bearings, seals, and a couple other things. moser, strange, yukon, etc. no particular brand in mind. Thanks!
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    No Start- Help

    Looks like I'm going to need some ideas for this one.. I had my car running just fine, then parked it for a few days during the Halloween snow-fest we had here in NY. Went to start it up Saturday morning when it was about 30* out, wouldn't really fire and eventually just flooded the motor...
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    'Rollbar or No Rollbar' II

    Still in the planning phase of the frame-off resto of my 71 which I will hopefully finish by spring. I've made up my mind about almost everything besides whether or not to install a rollbar. This thread was excellent, but left me still undecided...
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    Valve hitting piston on mock-up

    Doing mock up on a 355 I'm building. Checked valve to piston clearance on the #1 cyl with the clay method.. and things do not look so good. I have it set up to check both #1 valves with solid lifters and stock pushrods & rockers. The exhaust valve is coming into contact with the valve relief...
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    Valvesprings on cam break-in

    I'm about to put the heads on a 355 I'm building. The springs that came on these heads (e-streets) have a 135# seat pressure, so I'm planning on lowering pressure on the cam for initial break-in before I install the heads. I have 2 options, which would you do? 1) Use +.050" locks, which...
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    Compost pile??

    So I don't normally post here about random topics that have nothing to do with camaros. But as you can see, it's happening now. We have a compost pile out by the woods. My dad now has the fancy bags on the back of the lawn mower, which fill up grass clippings and get emptied in said pile. As...
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    Help? intermittent bog/skip diagnosis

    barely made it to work yesterday.. she idled fine, but with any amount of acceleration started skipping badly and was just a complete dog, lurching down the road and wouldn't get out of it's own way. After work I started it up and revved it a little, I got one big ol pop from the carb that made...
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    Good head gaskets for aluminum?

    Can i get a recommendation for a quality composite head gasket for aluminum heads on an OEM block? This is for a mild NA street 355 sbc I'm building. Just got the new Eddy E-Street heads in the mail and cleaned up all the old head bolts, realized I probably shouldn't use the stock...
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    Kenwood stereo- display stopped working

    I don't know if anyone in here is an electronic wizard with car stereos or anything, BUT my Kenwood KDC-MP745U head unit that I love dearly is busted, I thought maybe there is something I could do to fix it. It's not even ten months old, but they claimed the warranty is void because I didn't...
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    Speedo gear help

    Surprisingly, after using TCI's speedo gear calculator and ordering/installing the gear suggested, my speedometer is still totally off.. So, what driven gear or gear set should I go with? Here's the specs: TH350 4.10 drive axle ratio 225/70R15 (27.4"d according to TCI calc) Pink 7-tooth...
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    distributor a tooth off?

    Starting up my 383 after having the dizzy off. I got it running, but when I went to set base timing the mark was way off up around 30* advanced. When I tried to bring it back down around 10-12 the engine stalls. Any ideas why?? I know I did something wrong setting the distributor up just not...
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    Quick timing question.

    This is something I never fully wrapped my head around. I'm putting my MSD points distributor back in and I have it seated with the rotor pointing at about 6:30-7:00. I have heard this is a good spot to put it, but I've also heard to point it towards the #1 cylinder (5:00ish). Does it...
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    Garage Fridge

    Lets see em! I don't know what I'd do without mine... ps- the Jack is used oil I use for trickery:p