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    anti freeze disposal

    i have around 20 gal. of propylene glycol and 20 gal of ethylene glycol left over from some work projects. where does everybody dispose of their ?
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    engine advice

    not a camaro but my daughters 11 honda crv lost compession in #3 clyinder. 155000 miles was burning oil. does not knock like a rod came loose, but runs extremly rough. pulled cover does not look like a rocker issue. as per my mechanic(very trusted). engine replace, maybe a rebuild this mainly a...
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    stereo ideas

    want to put a new stereo in my 79z to replace the non working am thats in there now. what to replace with, the classic car audio style? or what else is out there. just looking for good sound, just listen to classic rock. should i switch to the new style? what about speakers, just going with...
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    door handle linkage

    does anybody have a pic of the interior door handle linkage. had a new door skin put on but i do not think they got the linkage right. handle has to all the up to engage? thanks in advance. i will be ordering a body manual now.
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    need help

    Need the mounting screws for my gauge cluster 79z. lost or got mixed with others. took out cluster to repair tach and when I went to install can not find the screws. I have some in my misc. pile but not sure they are correct. manual gives part # but does not give specs so I know I have the right...
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    1979 z

    need help with the screws that hold the gauge cluster in. took out gauge cluster to repair tach. now I am questioning which screws to put back in. the ones I thought were correct are about 3/4 socket cap screws, but I seem to think that they were hex head. Assembly manual does not have good pic.
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    home AC repair replace?

    have 28 year old home ac wont cool, topped off with Freon r22, which is going away and is expensive. lasted 4 days after refill. might be time to replace, what's out there that is good? with the cost of r22 I want to price a complete set up,but things have changed a lot since we put this unit...
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    where to buy body panels

    finally going to new quarter panels for my 79z,but where to buy?cant find any local dealers except some cheap import stuff.summit has the goodmark,s for 90.00 ea. but shipping is 100.00 for 2.i live in st if anybody has any thoughts?
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    underhood help

    just a couple of questions for you guys.i have a eldebrock preformer carb,where does everybody wire elect.choke to? car is 79 is currently wired to wiper motor.just jammed in with hot for wiper.want to clean this up.any ideas?
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    bad cam

    just a question for all you guys, have you ever heard of a cam going sons truck 2010 gmc 5.3 had a knock, took it to dealer and was told he had a bad cam/lifter, was low compression on #8,they did a leak down test and it showed blow by. Truck has 135,000 miles mainly hwy.what is...
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    rebuild questions

    i have a 79 z,picked it up when i seen for sale in my neighborhood,could not the qustions,it needs work some has been done, interior 70% exterior needs a lot,but thats a different subject,thread.engine has be refreshed,tranny rebuilt,turbo 350.rear is 3.42.what im thinking is too...
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    body side moulding

    just wondering about the body side moulding on my its attached?whenever i win the lottery and get to repaint it will go.but i will like to take off as it looks bad.
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    hood latch

    hood latch seems to be hanging up,pull release lever under nose(79 z )then it pops up a little and hangs up any help? what am i missing.
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    window trim

    need to refininsh the blacked window trim on 79z,what did everybody else do? my body shop guy said to sand w 180 grit,repaint with quality rattle can paint.just trying to make the car more presentable till I can do a quality paint job.any help is appreciated.
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    tire fit

    got a question about tire size.79 z28.orignal suspension.currently running 245 60 15 in back,195 60 15 front.15x7 rims.front tires are just for rolling.want to go up to 235 60 15 front. 255 60 15 back.worried about rubbing issues in front.just got this car,but had a 79 back in the day and had...