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    Modern windshield washer nozzles

    The last time I went to the junkyard I picked up a pair of nozzles off a late model car, the "fluidic" type with a slot instead of plain round holes. I just tested them and they seem to work great on my 77's washer system, producing a good distribution of droplets over a wide area instead of...
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    Creativity found at the junk yard

    I was at the local Pick-N-Pull today. A young guy walks by and says "Have a look at this". He had a fuel pick-up/sender from some old car. He commented that it was at once hilarious and brilliant.
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    A nice clean work surface... a good thing to have when you are disassembling or reassembling a component. I found some of these pads at the local thrift store for cheap and they are great. I'm sure I'm not the first person to use them in the garage. Plastic backing, absorbent white pad for high contrast and...
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    I got a spare tire...

    No, not THAT spare tire. (Ok, I have one of those too!) Thanks to an old thread on here I knew to look for a compact spare from an old S-10 type vehicle. I got lucky at the junk yard and found one from a 97 GMC Jimmy. I can report that it does fit perfectly with a 5 on 4.75" bolt circle. Of...
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    NASTY Z Horticultural Dept.

    Here's a cool looking perennial for gearheads. It's called 'SPEEDWELL'.
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    Heat shrink tubing

    I recently discovered this marine grade heat shrink at Harbor Freight. About $5.49. It has hot melt sealant inside to seal up the electrical connection. I'm sure many already know about this stuff (looking at you, boat trailer owners), but it's a revelation to me. It's also much thicker and...
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    Nice Pic

    I found this picture online and thought I would share it. I think it is a Mecum Auction pic. The lower stripe on the rear end is upside down, I believe, but it's a nice angle. This one's for you, COPO!
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    Discovered a cool GM part

    I stumbled upon a factory part that could be useful for our projects. It's a fuse block that mounts to the battery of 2011- 2015 Chevy Cruze. I plan to use one when I put my battery in the trunk. It has big fuses to protect against a 'burn down' if a short occurs. It also has additional...
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    I see all seats are on sale for $15 Friday through Thursday. You have to sign up for Tookit Rewards. If you go, bring a variety of large Torx bits for your ratchet. Oh, and some kind of small battery to move power seats back and forth to get access to all four bolts. I learned that last bit...
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    Talk about power: NASA test now

    Check out the now!
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    Heater box rebuild product review

    I am refurbishing my non-a/c interior heater box and I wanted a textured finish on the outside similar to how the factory did it. I can report that Rustoleum textured black spray paint worked pretty well. Originally I wanted to use textured powder coat, but it wouldn't fit in my powder coat...
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    What's with other drivers at stoplights these days?

    In my neck of the woods, if I am stopped at a light on a multi-lane road, other drivers who pull up in an adjacent lane almost always stop way short of my vehicle. It's like no one wants to make eye contact with me or anyone else. Or, perhaps they don't want others to see them texting. I...
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    Aftermarket rear window defogger

    Has anyone installed one on the inside of their rear window? Did it work well? My car is non-AC and I intend to drive it in the rain. The factory fan unit just doesn't do a good enough job. My rear window is in good shape. I don't want to spring for a new one.
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    Presenting rocker arm frog. (Not my idea. Wish it was.)
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    I was browsing theTIRERACK website and stumbled onto a new tire model from Firestone. It's the DESTINATION LE3. I know, it's marketed as an suv/truck tire,but it's really no different than a passenger car tire. It's just that newer cars don't use these taller sizes. The thing is, there is a...
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    Restore your hub caps

    I stumbled onto a trick to make it easier to polish up the center caps on our 5-spoke steel wheels. All it takes is a trip to the plumbing section with a side trip to the nut and bolt department. After body working any dents and dings, now you can comfortably sand with increasingly fine...
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    Set-up Bearing: BGH Was Right

    I made the new Timken pinion bearing in my installation kit into a set-up bearing. I achieved what I thought was a pretty decent pattern. Then I installed a brand new identical bearing for final assembly. Well, the new pattern is way too deep (I think). Now I have more work to do. I will...
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    Rear suspension travel

    This is just a factoid that may interest some people. I've always thought that the jounce travel of the rear axle was measured from the top of the axle tube to the rubber jounce bumper on each side. However, some snooping around back there revealed that, except for one wheel bumps, the nose of...
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    Filling the fuel tank on older cars: any problems?

    Here is my question for any of you who live in areas where the gas station pumps have seals on the nozzle to prevent vapors from escaping while you fuel up: Do you have any problems getting the tank to take fuel rapidly? I used to think the pump had some kind of vapor recovery system, but after...
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    'Balls to the wall'

    I've been watching a show called 'DOGFIGHTS' lately. Apparently it used to appear on the History Channel but now it is being shown on one of the broadcast sub-channels in my area. Very fascinating show! In one episode the moderator used the expression "balls to the wall" and I thought: That's...