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  1. twestrup


    Anyone put the new Tremic TKX 5-speed in a 1970 Camaro yet?
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  3. twestrup


    I have searched a bunch of post but not sure the answer is out there. My car is completely restored. Engine was balanced, new balanced drive shaft, new tires, all balanced. I have a bad vibration that starts at about 50MPH and gets worse as speed increases. I really feel it under my seat. I...
  4. twestrup

    Rear seats

    What is the trick for locking-in the rear seat bottoms?
  5. twestrup

    1970 Headliner

    Thinking about doing my own headliner on my 70, good idea or not? Don't really want to tow it to a shop to have it done. What is the difficulty factor,1-10?
  6. twestrup

    1970 12 BOLT

    I need to set the backlash on the 12 bolt, not real sure how to do it. Any help?
  7. twestrup

    Fender to hood bumpers

    Installed the four (4) fender to hood bumpers (repops) and the hood will not sit flush to the fender. Hood was perfect prior to the install. Maybe a softer rubber compound? Any recommendations?
  8. twestrup


    Getting ready to hang front sheet metal. Any helpful tips on the best way to get everything aligned up?
  9. twestrup


    Getting ready to assemble the interior on my 70 Z that is currently gutted. For those that have been through this before, any suggestions on where the best place is to start? I have already put the Killmat on the floors, roof and doors. Thanks
  10. twestrup

    Firewall pad install

    Any tips on installing the firewall pad? Having issues getting the retaining plugs in. Thanks .
  11. twestrup

    Making Progress

    Just got moved into the new house, garage is all setup. Started to put the car back together. This 70 Z has not been on the road since 1975, can't wait until I get to drive it.
  12. twestrup

    70 Original Master Cylinder

    Rebuilding my original master cylinder. I looked at the inside bore and noticed some pitting, I heard there are some guys that can sleeve the bore. Any help or advice? Really want to keep the original.
  13. twestrup

    Hood alignment

    Got the car back from paint and looks like I need to align the hood and front nose. The hood to fender clearance on both sides is equal and looks great. Where the hood meets the fenders at the windshield is good. The problem is where the hood meets the nose, one side fits good and the...
  14. twestrup

    Need some help

    Installing the rear window filler piece that sits between rear window and deck lid. Does anyone have a source for the self sealing screws that attach panel to body? Thanks
  15. twestrup

    Its Home

    Made the trip home yesterday. Now the work starts.
  16. twestrup


    I am not doing a number 1 restoration but, at the same time, trying to keep the car as original as I can afford. That said, I priced out having my all original bumpers re-chromed. WOW, sticker shock for sure, somewhere around 2K. Are the aftermarket replacement bumpers that are GM repo's any...
  17. twestrup

    Paint job update

    Stripes and 4 more coats of clear.
  18. twestrup


    It will sit for 2 weeks, cut and buff, layout and paint stripes, 3 more coats of clear. Then I get to finish the project. Should be done by next summer.
  19. twestrup

    Just Maybe!!!!!

    Back in the day, I ordered a 1970 Camaro Z-28 from Ed Cordero Chevrolet in Pacifica California. I'm just wondering if it might still be out there. If I remember, I took delivery in May. The details that I remember, Automatic, Cortez Silver, Custom interior, standard front end, tinted glass, Am...
  20. twestrup

    Inner fender wells

    Looking for a set of inner fender wells for a 1970. Hopefully in good condition.

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