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  1. redone000

    Camaro car show in Buckley

    This Saturday Aug 11th in Buckley at Walley's drive in. Good turn out last year, starts at 9 am. More of a meeting and get together than a show, no charge.
  2. redone000

    All Camaro Car Show in Issaquah

    All camaro show this sunday, July 15th at XXX drive in. It's put on by the Pacific NW camaro club.
  3. redone000

    70 rs z28 on ebay

    I am planning on bidding on this 70 z. Anyone see any problems with the car. All thoughts and comments welcome.
  4. redone000

    Norwood trim tag

    Bronze 70RS Z28 on ebay has norwood trim tag without Z28 listed on it. I thought it was only the LA cars that it wasn't listed on the tag?
  5. redone000

    71 Z on phoenix craigslist This car is on craigslist in phoenix and I bid on it on ebay, Which was back in may. There are a few errors in the ad. Engine, trans and rear end are supposed to match. Engine and trans were supposed to have been rebuilt but no...
  6. redone000

    70 rs z28 on ebay

    Engine pad reads V0505CTB, engine casting date D 11 0 and the heads casting date A 15 0. Is it possible to have the heads and block casting dates so far apart on a matching engine?
  7. redone000

    Replacement block

    I am interested in a 71 Z with a dealer replaced block. Owner has paperwork from that replacement. What stampings should I be looking for, and other info that might be helpful. Also does that affect the car value. thanks
  8. redone000

    Z-22 option

    Gold 70 RS Z LA car on ebay. If the Z-22 option is not listed on the window sticker or build sheet, could it still be a real born with RS car. Thanks for any info.

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