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  1. Jim Stokkeland


    Dec 11th 0130-0200 my Camaro was stolen out of the parking lot of my gated apartment complex in Smyrna, Georgia. Dec 11th 0600 my car was recovered by the Atlanta Police Department, in the hood. It was on jackstands, they were in the process of pulling the engine. They did around $4500 in...
  2. Jim Stokkeland

    Happy Birthday!

    hhot71, RICARDO1969, andCamlvr78! Have a good day!
  3. Jim Stokkeland

    Muscle Car & Corvette Nats pics

    Just a few pics of the 2nd Gens representing the NastyZ gang.
  4. Jim Stokkeland

    Going to Chicago...

    Sorry but I can't take you.... Ridin with Mike, flying north on I75, crankin some classic rock, and smokin e-cigs.
  5. Jim Stokkeland

    Wanted: 10 bolt

    limited slip diff. anybody have one they can spare?
  6. Jim Stokkeland

    A Little Help (Please)

    Check this thread, and see if anyone nearby can help
  7. Jim Stokkeland

    Prayer Request

    For MadMike's family (his mom) I don't think he'd ask, but I asked if I could post on his behalf. His mom wasn't feeling well, went to the Doc, and a CT scan came back "not good", so if you pray, please remember his family. Very sweet lady, good family, thanks guys!
  8. Jim Stokkeland

    Tread came off...

    RF tire at 60 mph carnage, scuffed the paint, but not too bad. Got off of it pretty quick, and was able to limp back to the tire shop...kinda fouled the plans on wedding weekend (my son's) tho...
  9. Jim Stokkeland


    Strolling through the grocery store in Montreal, and this caught my eye, and immediately after that, my camera caught it... I submit, Bag O Milk! [/IMG]
  10. Jim Stokkeland

    My Tunes Library

    Okay guys, while in Afg., I have almost doubled my tunes library...trouble is, it shows up as almost quadrupled. Doulbe and even triple tracks in the same album folder...had this problem with iTunes, and have this problem with my Windows libraries. I was turned on to Rinse, and have only...
  11. Jim Stokkeland


    Lynne's watching reruns of I Dream of Genie on TVLand...I just realized I'm still in love with her (okay, Lynne and Genie)
  12. Jim Stokkeland

    This is how I feel, lol

    Okay, not specifically, just in general...
  13. Jim Stokkeland

    Craigslist lol

    Okay, so I have a backhoe attachment for a New Holland skid steer listed for sale on CL. I got this reply last night, I have it listed for $3999.00 I have interest in your Bradco 611. But would have to be at $1500 due to distance. I'm in Columbus Ohio. Let me know if that can work for you...
  14. Jim Stokkeland

    Why Canadians Only??

    I feel left out, LOL
  15. Jim Stokkeland

    Bonzo gone 30 years

    He is missed for sure...R.I.P. John Henry
  16. Jim Stokkeland

    Happy Birthday...a bunch of you catz!!

    Happy Birthday all yall!! 73Beater, jrz28, Ted (48), phillyparot (45), MadMike (44), Jimmy (44), ProStreetZ28 (42), JeramyK (36), dwright406 (33)
  17. Jim Stokkeland

    Tunes thread

    that is all, haven't heard this in a while.
  18. Jim Stokkeland

    Birthday Wishes

    Happy Birthday guys!! Have a great day...even tho it's almost over... project72 (37), pro5oh (37), POS71RS (32), 70CaliCustom (25)
  19. Jim Stokkeland

    Big Props!!

    to Jason (Batman)!! Even tho I don't have a display on my truck stereo, he took the time to help me unlock the security code (blindly) I have mobile tunes again!! Thanks again Jason! If you ever need anything holla... lol, although lately Im feeling pretty stoopid (go ahead...
  20. Jim Stokkeland

    Anybody work on...

    New Holland skid steers?? I have a 98 LX-865 Has only been started twice in the last couple years. I was giving old water heaters to one of my neighbors...he needed to move the tractor...he couldn't start it...and that's all she wrote, it hasn't run, or even cranked since. That was last June...

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