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    Poetic Justice
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    Somehow I had the idea that a single Carfax report was $25 but when I went to buy one, it was $39.95 which I thought was pretty steep. Are there any cheaper alternatives that someone is aware of?
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    Robotic Custom Paint Application

    This video from BMW is pretty amazing.
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    How not to launch a boat

    What can I say?
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    Frank Bonner(Herb Tarlek)

    He died Wednesday. WKRP was a great show, especially the "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" episode.
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    Yet another Darwin award
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    RIP Ginger

    After 15 years with us and 15 1/2 years(which is 3 years longer than average for a Maine Coon), she's going to the vet today for the final time. She stopped eating 2 weeks ago and after X-rays, the vet said she had a tumor in her lung that was almost certainly cancer. She was a good cat with a...
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    70 Camaro fuel sending unit

    Is there a special tool needed to get the locking ring to engage with the tangs on the tank? I'm not having much luck at the moment.
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    You can't make this stuff up

    A Chicago man was arrested by Joliet Police Friday for allegedly stealing a car that was left running and unattended in a gas station parking lot. Police spotted, and arrested, 35-year-old Lafayette Moore, of Chicago, after he asked an officer assisting with a traffic crash for directions to...
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    One down

    ..and one to go. Got the first shot today(Moderna) and get the second one in 4 weeks. The same for my wife and she's the one with a weak immune system so it will be nice to be able to start to get back to normal.
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    Fuel tank finish

    Did the fuel tank originally come with a galvanized finish or was it unfinished? I have mine out and had it cleaned. I don't see any evidence of galvanizing, just primer and black paint. If it is supposed to be galvanized, do any of the spray galvanizing cans you see in the store come anywhere...
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    Collapsed lifter question

    The last time I started the engine on my Camaro was about 5 years ago and at that time, it had a very sharp rapping sound, not like a loose lifter. In thinking about possible causes, I'm wondering if it could be a collapsed lifter. It it is, would pulling the distributor and running the oil...
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    Battery and battery maintainer

    After a number of years of the car just sitting under a cover in my garage, it's time for me to get off my butt and get it running. First off, I need a new battery, preferably a R89S replica. Has anyone recently installed one of the replicas I see online and what has your experience been? As a...
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    Another Darwin Award
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    My ankle that is. Really stupid move on my part by going out into the family room in the dark with a large cup of coffee. My eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark yet and I stepped right on top of the canister vacuum cleaner(which I had left out). It shot one way and I and the coffee went a couple...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari

    I went to see it yesterday with a friend while the wives went to see the Mr. Rogers movie which needless to say, we passed on. The movie was pretty good with a lot of racing scenes and probably a lot of CGI stuff but it was still fun to watch.
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    50 years ago

    50 years, 50 pounds ago(for me, almost none for her)we were married. It's hard to believe that much time has gone by but we made it. As I told my wife, given that we were just out of college so very young, the odds were definitely against us to make it this far.
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    Need some advice

    So, our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up next month and I'm wondering if this card would be appropriate:
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    Fatal jet car crash

    You wonder what he could have been thinking?
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    Barn Finds

    We were near Augusta Maine today visiting my wife's cousin's widow. He died last year leaving about everything he ever owned including many of his childhood toys. They lived and she still does in a huge 1850s farmhouse with one enormous attached barn and one even larger detached barn. Every...

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