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    Good timing starting point for my aluminum headed 496?

    Man I'm getting close to firing my new motor. Want to try and get close on my initial timing curve since getting at the dizzy is not easy. My last 2 454's had low compression and I was able to get away with quite a bit of initial timing (18* or so). I don't think I will get away with that much...
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    BBC Balancer recommendation?

    I am just about to pull the trigger on an ATI 7" super damper for my internally balanced 496. I'm just really having a hard time swallowing the $325 price tag. I just want to be careful that I am not doing an overkill on my application. Sure Jesel belt drives are the bomb but usually not needed...
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    Help me get the fuel correctly from the cell to the 496!

    Well I tried this over on Team Camaro with no replys. Hopefully someone over here can help me. I want to correctly get the fuel from my cell in the back to my twin 650 Holley double pumper'd 496. My cam guy (Chris Straub) is saying that this combo will be knocking on the door of 650hp @ 6,300...
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    BBC stroker clearance on oil pans.

    I've been noticing that certain new oil pans say that they are not clearanced for any stroke over 4.0". Are they talking about just in the panrail area or the actual depth of the pan. I ask because I am using Scat pro series I beams in my 496 and they are profiled to clearance the block so no...
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    PP Powerforce balancer for 496???

    I had one of these on my extrenal 454 and I liked the price along with the timing marks on the edge. Never had a problem though I have read about some. Well now I need a balancer for my internally bal 496 and have a hard time looking at the $300+ ones. No track time and will spin to about 6,300...
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    Dana 60 or will a 9" do?

    I am currently running a truck 12 bolt posi which is supposed to be the weaker of the 2 12 bolts. My 496 is supposed to have a very safe estimate of 600+ ft pounds of torque. My buddy is converting a Chrysler Dana and is telling me to look for one. The Danas are more common and less expensive...
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    12 pt or hex on Brodix Race Rites.

    My new aluminum heads will use stock style head fasteners. Looks like I have a choice of either hex or 12 pt. What is the pros/cons going either way? They are only about $10 difference. Does the 12 pts help with wrench clearance?? Thanks!
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    Stock BBC oil pan okay for 496 with windage tray??

    This is for a pro-street truck I am building. It will be a 496 and It looks like I am going to have to run some 2" primary chevelle headers. Going to make it a little tight down there. Doesn't look like I can run any kind of a kickout pan. This is a street rig and will almost see no track time...
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    Scary wear on roller cam!

    Okay now I have some real concerns. Pulled the cam tonight and didn't like what I saw. This is a small hydro roller cam in a mild BBC with matching lifters and correct springs. There are gouges on some to most of the ramps. The lines are obviously from the edges of the tappets. You can certainly...
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    Why do they even have "advertised duration"??

    My eyes have been crossing trying to figure out the final cam for my 496. I'm sure the ones that I have narrowed it down to will have very little difference in the motor. Just a slight move up or down in the power curve. What I can't understand is why and how off the advertised duration can be...
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    Break in oil for NEW motor with roller cam.

    Always hear about the importance of oil and additives when breaking in a flat tappet cam. What about a new roller motor? Since the break in oil doesn't stay in there very long before drained, what kind of oil should I use to break in my 496 and should I still use some kind of an additive? Thanks!
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    What port size heads should I look for with my 496 build??

    I know that bigger is certainly not better. My machine shop guy just told me that he doesn't do porting anymore because it is just too time consuming. Also said that there are good iron aftermarket heads out there that will cost you less by the time you are done. What I'm wondering is what...
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    Stock pan okay on 496 build??

    Not sure how the increased stroke or possible change in counter weight design might affect the ability to use a stock oil pan on a 496 build. Will be using a Melling standard M77 pump. The rods I am using are clearanced for the block so the pan rail area is not supposed to be an issue. Is there...
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    Buying used H beams or new I beams?

    I have always had great luck CAREFULLY buying certain used parts. There are also certain parts that I would never by used (timing chains, rear end gears, flat tappet cams.....etc). In many areas, I'd rather buy high-end used parts then cheap new (procomp). Just picked up my mint 4.250" 4340...
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    Why 496 and not 489?

    Simple question. Starting with a standard bore 454. I know some guys say bore the least you need to so you can bore again down the road if you have to. Just wondering why so many guys pass over the .030 bore and go straight to the .060 when stroking a 454? Aside from the slight additional CU, is...
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    BBC oil pump: Standard or high volume? Melling or aftermarket?

    I did a search but it just kept bringing up SBC threads. Not sure where it happened but somewhere I got it in my head to run the Melling M77HV on absolutely every big block chevy I have had. I've been doing some looking around on this thing they call the internet. I'm seeing a bunch of posts...
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    460: Need duration and lift recommendations for hyd roller

    You got it....just another way of asking for cam recommendations, which is beat to death on every hot rod forum. What I can't seem to get is the relationship of duration to lift. Some cams will have duration in the 300s but low .500s in lift. Others will have duration (advertised) in the upper...
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    Piston ideas for street 454. What's your iron headed combo?

    I have decided to make a few upgrades this winter so I can run a nastier cam....and have it work. I currently have a bone stock, low comp truck 454 with flat tops (probably not even 8:1 static), a 270HR roller and stock 2.06 valved 781 irons. The motor actually runs really well but idles like...
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    Totaly timing problem: How am I getting so much?

    I pulled my PS truck out of storage yesterday and decided to give it a look over. I am getting a noise that almost sounds like detonation but my exhaust is aggressvie enough that it's almost hard to tell where the rattle is coming from. It comes in at the upper rpms of each gear and immediately...
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    72 Z28 6239-1 Holley: What the heck is in the bowl and on the block???

    I have opened up literally hundreds of Holleys and I have NEVER seen this. This carb is 100% original. What the heck are these things? Is it a Cali carb?

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