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    2nd Annual Laveen Heritage Car Show 10/17/15

    Hello everyone, I am involved with the Lions club in Laveen, we are having our 2nd annual car show on October 17th, trophies for 7 catagories and plaques for runner ups. We are also accepting forms for vendors and sponsors if interested If you are interested please email me at...
  2. 70 RS

    1970 fuel brake line route location

    I am installing the fuel/brake line on the 70' camaro after 3 years apart, my question is where do the 2 lines run from rear to front under the drivers seat, through the fender well gap, around and up the fire wall? There is only about a foot of line after it makes the up sweep? A picture would...
  3. 70 RS

    1970 fuel return line 1/4" or 3/8" ?

    I ordered fuel return lines from CI, I am in the process of installing them, Problem is the old lines are 3/8" and so are the brackets. Question? Should I install the new lines with new brackets or find/make 3/8" lines? CI and Ricks list them as 1/4" anyone make these 3/8"?
  4. 70 RS

    Laveen Car Show 8/23

    Sorry for the late notice, Laveen Lions club is having a car show this Saturday 8/23. Gates open at 7am parking on the grass, 51st ave and Dobbins $25.00 entry fee, you get a plaque, goody bag, 1st 100 entries get a T shirt and a chance at 5 trophies, the best of show is about 4 feet tall, a...
  5. 70 RS

    Inner fender well placement?

    Not sure about the front inner fender well, toward the front of both sides by the battery (pass side) and by the washer bottle (drivers side). Where does the fendewell go? between the fender and valance or on top of the fender then bolt together? I took pics but cant really see them, If i...
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    Heater hose clamps, original style?

    What style clamps were used on the heater hose? Firewall side and engine side? Tower clamps or Corbin clamps?
  7. 70 RS

    1970 steering wheel question?

    I am looking for an original style wheel, an exact reproduction. Has anyone ever ordered the steering wheel from Eckler's Rick's Camaro part # HR-11? It is an original style standard interior wheel for a 70' and does the hardware (horn mech, horn springs, screws and cover) bolt on as...
  8. 70 RS

    Seat belt layout for 1970?

    I am at the point of putting the seat belts back in but I washed them and mixed uo the layout, anyone have pics of what goes where?
  9. 70 RS

    Shifter plate, carpet or no carpet?

    I am installing the shifter plate with carpet under the plate, but the original bolts are not long enough,do I need to remove the carpet under the plate or can I get longer bolts? I tried the longer bolts but it doesn't line up?
  10. 70 RS

    Seat escutcheon cover metal or plastic?

    I talked to a guy today that told me all of them were metal and painted black, I think I told him 8 times that my original was plastic and green all the way through the plastic, because mine was broken and I can clearly see it and he kept saying they were all metal? If anyone could answer...
  11. 70 RS

    Things you find in cars?

    I found this little gem, it is under the sill channel plate. Someone was sick of chewing their gum so they decided to stick under the panel at the factory. [/URL][/IMG]
  12. 70 RS

    Seat belt cleaning?

    I have a a full set of seat belts they are nasty but in good condition, should I get a bucket of warm water and wash them with dish soap and use compressed air to dry out the buckles then lube?
  13. 70 RS

    His and Hers 1970 set Z28 and RS SS

    If anyone is looking for a his and hers set of cars here they are for $65,000.
  14. 70 RS

    Real deal? 1972 Z28 Berger car?

    Any thoughts on this car? Is this the real deal or a clone? I know one thing the front bumper is wrong.
  15. 70 RS

    1970 seat track bearing replacement?

    Anyone know where to get a bearing for the seat track for a 1970 standard interior?
  16. 70 RS

    18" wheels, will they fit? 8" front & 10" rear?

    I got a gift for my birthday, it was a a picture of a wheel, any wheels I wanted within reason, (best wife ever! ) so I was wondering if an 18" X 8" in the front and 10" in the rear will fit without any issues? Also what size tires, I want a little meat in the back, any suggestions? I will...
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    Gauge cluster wire with clip? attaches where?

    I am in the middle of putting my dash back in, I have a thin ground wire that comes from the bottom backside of gauge cluster that has a metal clip with a screw in it, does anyone know where that clip attaches to? Thanks
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    dash pad kicker panel pics?

    Does the dash pad on the end at the A pillar go under the kicker panel leg, over or press up against? Any pics of a correct location woukd help me install my POS (OER) dash pad.
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    Found a couple cars today

    #1) I found 5 Camaro's today, the 1st is a 71' pretty rough shape, the dent on the roof is not from rolling the car it is from the owner of the yard stacking his cars, dumb a$$. Here is the VIN plate [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] The Interior is shot, front seats...
  20. 70 RS

    Found a 74' Yellow Lime Z28 today

    I have never seen a Yellow Lime camaro before, I need to post the pic. How rare is this color/Z28 combo?I. I found it parked in a personal junk yard here in Phoenix.

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