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    Dynamic compression #s??

    Here is what my DC is coming out to on my BBC 469 with this Barebones cam, Its a 9.5.1 engine, Am i hurting the engine for power or torque with these #s ?? It does run great on 89 octane, & doesn't detonate at all, I see why now if these #s jive. DC 6.89.1 DC-Pressure 130.75 Altitude...
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    750vs on a mild 469 BBC?

    Right now i'm running a 950, car runs good, was just wondering how a 750vs would do for basic street perf., Its a mild engine, small FT Lunati Hyd., stock 781 heads, Air-Gap intake & headers, 2800 stall & 3.73 gears. I normally run DPers on all my engines, but seeing the 3310 is readily...
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    One stout little cam!

    Its the Lunati Barebones line, Its there largest one for the BBC, 527/553, 224/234 @50, 112/107, Its considered a lazy grind, easy on the valvetrain & wallet too, I run it in my mild 469 BBC, 9.5 compression, stock 781 heads, Air-Gap intake, 950 carb, 2800 stall & 3.73 gears in a 3500 lb...
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    Exhaust up-grade?

    Thinking i might benefit going to a 3" exhaust with straight through mufflers, I'm running 2.1/2" with slowmasters (non-mandrel bend pipe), Should I ?? 469 BBC, 9.5.1 compression (18cc dome pistons) 781 heads, FT cam, 527/543, 224/234 @50, 112/107 Air-Gap, 950 carb, 3000 stall, 3.70 gears...
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    The effects on different tunes with spark plugs...

    Jetting/plugs basically, for intense, On my mildly built 469 BBC with 9.5 compression, 781 heads, I converted a 750dp to a 950, I was running R44Ts gaped at .038", had the jetting at 74/84, Timing was 12* int., around 37-38* total (basic HEI) with pertronix Module & coil, This engine pulls 16-17...
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    Vapor canister removal?

    What have some of you done with the re-turn line if you removed yours? Its a 78
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    Mild 468 build?

    What are some of you running ET & MPH with your mild 468? I'm putting together a 470 .070" 454 for my 78 cutlass, I'm hoping for some mid 11s. 3450 race weight 470 BBC Probe forged pistons (9.6 compression) Forged crank Scat rods Mild 781 heads (stock valves) XE274H cam "550/550...
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    Cam change?

    Thinking of trying another cam in my 406 sbc, wondering if the up-grade would be worth it over what i'm running now? Its a 406 in my 78 Cutlass, here is the build. 3200 lbs. with me. 406, 10.4 compression, (215 cranking pressure) Iron Eagle 200cc heads (current cam) Lanati 465/488...
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    Just wondering what the value would be on this, Its a fairly complete motor/tranny from 1957, It has a 4 barrel, Is it just worth its core or?? I can get it for 400.00 He also has a complete 454/400 from the late 70s for 300.00
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    Aluminum vs Stainless steel rockers?

    Which would be a better choice for a street driven car?
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    ET & MPH Calculators?

    According to the Wallace Calculator, I'm only making around 335 HP out of my 406, I weighed the car & it was around 3200 with me, The car runs 12.4s @ 106-107 with decent 60fts., Is this even possible out of a moderitly built 406? Here are the specs. 406 10.4 compression (205-210 cranking...
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    Oils going somewhere??

    Have a fairly fresh 406 thats burning up a good quart on a 120 mile trip, Theres no major leaks, plugs all look good, no smoke, I know chevys are known for being oil burners, but is there any thing i should look at, the heads are iron eagles that were in great shape, Is it possible the rings...
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    Installed original cam &...

    what a difference, i can't believe how well this little cam runs over the one i "thought" would work better, I wouldn't be surprized if the car ran just as good ET & MPH if not faster, The cam i picked out the 2nd. time was one recammended from Herbert cams, both cams are FT Hyd., One would...
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    Chasing what might be a problem?

    Need ideas, heres the deal, I have a 406 in my 78 cutlass, I weighed the car & its 3197 with me, ran this car at the track on 2 different times & it'll only run 107 "best" MPH, the ET is down too, 12.50 was its best, this was in good air, 60ft. was a bit low (1.89) best, now it did spin a bit on...
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    1.5 too 1.6 rockers?

    Is there any gain in doing this, My cam is .510 lift, it'll bring it to .540, Its on a 406 with iron eagles 200cc heads., RPM intake, 750dp.
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    Rods for 406 with standard base circle cam?

    What style 4340 5.7 rod will clear a standard base circle cam in a 406, Is there one from scat that'll work?
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    Scat 9000 series crank?

    Are these cranks good?
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    468 combo's!

    Lets here your 468 combo's & what HP/TQ they put down, picked up a 454 & looking into a 468 build, nothing crazy, but enough to wip up on my modest 406.
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    Bb 468?

    Found a mid 70s complete 454 with 781 heads, thinking of building a street 468 with around 550hp, keeping the compression around 9.7-10.1, what would be a good FT cam & intake for a build to get 550hp, would it be that hard?
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    Too much timing!

    Seems like my 406 doesn't like much more then 34* total, has anyone else exsperience this with there 406?

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