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  1. D72CamaroZ28

    converter ?

    I was doing the math and am wondering how bad you guys think my continental converter really is? My 81 Camaro is 3400 lbs with a 440 small block Chevy an a Th400 4.11 gear 28 tall tire. My best this year was a 11.33 at 117 mph with 7000 rpm at the stripe. It just seems to me that my converter is...
  2. D72CamaroZ28

    Goodyear or M/T

    I am going to get a new set of slicks this winter and cant decide on Goodyear or M/T. Thanks for the help and input. I was running the M/T ET Streets.
  3. D72CamaroZ28

    Need Drag racers tuning help Please!

    Ok, I'm helping a friend of mine with his 77 Camaro and need some help to figure out where his 60' is? What were working with is 1977 Camaro 3400 lbs. 13.5-1 383ci stroker Luniti solid roller 642 lift 272 dur AFR 220 aluminum heads 2.08 1.6 valves Match ported aluminum single plane...
  4. D72CamaroZ28

    Two step tunning

    I'm looking for some help from my Camaro buddys that run a two step to launch the car. My problem is that the car stumbles or boggs down when I try to use it. I started with it set at 2500 rpm and just killed my 60ft times :whine: so I tried rasing the rpms. I now have it at 4000 rpm and it...
  5. D72CamaroZ28

    converter/gear ratio question

    Well here is the deal lol. I'm running 118mph at 7000 rpm with 9% converter slippage with a 4.11 gear. I'm not real happy with the 7000 at the trap and would like to get it aroud 6700-6800 so the car will pull the rest of the way down the track because I out of power at 6500 to 6600. So if I...
  6. D72CamaroZ28

    B&M Pro Stick help please!

    I had a cheap ratchet shifter before and just got done installing my new pro stick tonight. But seems very stiff to me am I just a wimp lol. The cable goes through the floor makes a big loop and is hooked to the trans? It just seems like it takes twice the force to shift then my old shifter did...
  7. D72CamaroZ28

    Bump stops on upper A-arms

    Hi guys I need some help. I am just running stock springs an Summit adjustable shocks an no front sway bar. I have managed to get my car in to the 11.50's with a 1.6 60ft but because of this, the rubber bump stops have been broken off of the upper A-arms lol. I was wondering if I could drill a...
  8. D72CamaroZ28

    Th400 help Please!

    I am really getting frustrated. I have had this transmission in and out about six times in six weeks! The last time I had it out I found out that I broke the sprag in my Huges GM40 converter. I had the trans shop send it to another shop and cut it open and rebuild it. While he rebuilt my th400...
  9. D72CamaroZ28

    Launching Tips

    Well this may seem like a dumb question but I am new at drag racing lol. But How do you guys launch your auto transmission cars? Meening do you bring up the rpm's ( stall the converter) as high as you can without pushing? Or do you just bring it up to like 1500 rpm and just flat foot it and...
  10. D72CamaroZ28

    Why did my sprag brake on my TH400 :(

    I was told by coan racing to start by burnout in seconed and shift to third so that s what I did yesterday. I had two passes and ran a new best of 11.80 at 115 and on the third pass I went to shift from first to seconed and bang! No seconed gear! How can I keep this from happening? I spent...
  11. D72CamaroZ28

    TCI Transmissions any good?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how good the TCI transmissions were? I am looking to get a new th400 with full man. and transbreak with a 2.75 first gear. I have never had any experience with them so I am looking to you for your help! Thanks again for the help in advance!:confused:
  12. D72CamaroZ28

    Th350 Help Please

    I have a buddy with a th350 with a manual valve body and trans brake. He was doing his burnout. Started in first went into seconed and it wasnt there? The car will not roll in reverse and if you try to drive in reverse it chatters real bad? Is seconed and reverse on the same section? I know...
  13. D72CamaroZ28

    ET help please

    Hi guys and gals, I was hoping you could help me find where my car is lacking or needing some help. I have a 81 Camaro that weights 3550 with a 440sbc th350 trans with shift kit and a 3500 stall 255-60-15 mickey drag radials and comp. eng. traction bars an three way adj shocks on all four...
  14. D72CamaroZ28

    Pinks All Out

    Hello everyone, I just had to tell a little about my awesome time I had at pinks all out. It was realy cool to meet Rich, Nate, and the guys! My car didnt go as fast as I thought it should have but I guess it wasnt bad for only the seconed time out. I only missed the cut by a few tenths (dang)...
  15. D72CamaroZ28

    Help me do away with my AC please!

    Hello all, I am going to be putting my 440 sbc in my 1981 friday sat and sun. and wanted to do away with my ac wile I had the engine out. I removed my old ac box and ordered a new box for a non ac car and it does not look like it is going to fit? The guy I ordered it from said that 67 up camaro...
  16. D72CamaroZ28

    I need ET Help please

    Hello fellow members, My goal is to get my 81 Camaro in the 11.0's So I am building a 436ci small block. It has a forged crank, H beam rods, Forged Flat top pistons. With 64cc chamber Aluminum Dart pro1 heads 2.08 and 1.6 valves and 230 runners. A 600 lift roller cam with 298 dur. Roller...
  17. D72CamaroZ28

    VooDoo 60104 Tuning help please!

    Hi all, Well I could not handle my 81 running a 18.5 in the 1/4 any more so I did some up grades. I have: 350 cid with flat tops w/4 valve relives 5.7 rods and stock stroke 186 Double humps that have been ported and polished to 1206 gaskets by a machine shop, with screw in studs and guide...
  18. D72CamaroZ28

    Headlight and wiper switch!!

    Hello fello members, I hope some one can help me out here because I just seem to be spinning my wheels and not in a good way lol. I have a 72 and I just cant seem to find complete headlight and wiper switchs. I bought one of those covan clusters with autometer guages and it it very nice. I cant...
  19. D72CamaroZ28

    Street/Strip wiring Help Please!

    :confused: Well this is my deal. I have a 72 that I relocated the batt to the trunk and NHRA says I have to have a disconnect switch. So I installed the switch next to the tail lights. I am running a one wire race alt. I mounted a positive actuated solenoid (*ord type) under the dash which has...
  20. D72CamaroZ28

    Happy Holidays Colorado

    Just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a very happy Hollidays and happy Camaro'n.

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