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  1. tom3

    Mecum 2022

    Watching the auction today on Thursday, couple really nice 2nd gens went across. A 73Z, super nice in bright red bid to $60k no sale. A 78Z, also really nice in medium gray, automatic, did sell for $46. Didn't see one fourth gen but could have missed it if there was any. Several low miles...
  2. tom3

    Repro Hood Hinges and hood seal strip

    My hinges are shot. See that NPD does have reproduction hinges at a pretty reasonable price. Anyone use these? Decent or junk? Also see they don't have springs installed. Humanly possible to put the old springs on the new hinges without a hospital visit? Nosing around in that section and...
  3. tom3

    Random sayings

    If that man worked any slower, you could use him for a hitchin' post. She suspected her husband of cheating on her, because none of their children looked like him. - Benny Hill Men would understand wedding vows a lot better if they included the Miranda rights. She has more chins than a...
  4. tom3

    Drag race radio ad from 1970, some familiar names

    Down in the basement listening to some old tapes, ran across this from October 1970 from a stay in California. About a 1 minute video. I wonder if any of these guys are still around. Ahhh, those were the days.
  5. tom3

    Well, the Ebay tax is real.

    Sold a couple items on Ebay last month, looking at the bank statement and I see "Payout Ebay tx" and a big long number listed on the deposits section. So when that tax account number reaches $600 the IRS is going to get a 1099K next January. The stuff we're selling we've had for 30 years and...
  6. tom3

    Final Four ads

    This game might be bigger than the Super Bowl - looking at the commercials? Pretty good game too.
  7. tom3

    Magazine subscriptions, look real close

    Got a flyer from Popular Mechanics for a super rate on a subscription, $8 for a year, 15 for two. Actual mailed print magazines. Accept a check too. Got ready to write out the check for two years and took a second look. That pesky fine print, and really fine, at the very bottom corner. "you...
  8. tom3

    Getting ridiculous, 71 Camaro, $55k

    See this in Hemmings, dealer car. Over 90 pictures of exterior, 5 or 6 of interior. Nothing under the hood, trunk, or underbody. Maybe there's something here I'm not seeing...
  9. tom3

    Happy 2/22/22 Twosday

    Won't see this number setup for a good while. Two hundred years?
  10. tom3

    70 Z28, 383 five speed, Hemmings Auction

    Really good looking 70 Camaro, well presented. Somebody looking for a weekend driver this could be worth a look.
  11. tom3

    Golden Corral steak, must be really good

    Is this what the country is coming to?
  12. tom3

    BJ Auction this week, Arizona - 79 Camaro

    Some decent money paid for this car I think. Monday sales get interesting: $8250
  13. tom3

    Mecum Kissimmee today

    Missed the whole thing. See a pretty decent 70 Z28, black, that sold. Lot E76. Lots of little and not so little things wrong but a good looking car. Then a 74 sport coupe Lot #134, needs some good TLC to be nice. Anyone watching this know the hammer prices? Really a good percentage of...
  14. tom3

    Full build video on a 70 Camaro

    Might have been posted before, an older video on a complete rebuild of a 70 to RS SS big block. Long video, over an hour.
  15. tom3

    Over looked voltage drops, fuses

    I play around with old higher powered stereo stuff and I've found some with noticeable voltage drops in the glass fuses for the driver amp sections, especially when driving the amp hard. This gear is as old as our cars, maybe in a lot better environment. Taking the fuses out, cleaning the ends...
  16. tom3

    Jet Board

    Excuse the lousy video, had to run and get the phone. Never seen one of these, thing is at least as fast as a jet ski, about the size of a large skate board. Just amazing. Pretty neat wipe out too. Can't imagine a battery powering this thing. Anyone actually know what it is?
  17. tom3

    Couple items in Hemmings this week

    Seeing a 73 Camaro, really nice looking car in auction. Listed as a Z28/RS bidding to $32,500 at present. Reading down the description they mention it's a clone. Really nice build but that money for a clone?
  18. tom3

    About us Ohioans

    I am from OHIO! Ever been to Ohio? Yes, there is a huge state between Pennsylvania and Indiana and it is called OHIO. It has some beautiful cities, and is also full of MANY, MANY small towns and abundant farm land which we call Rural OHIO. Here is a take on "Rural Ohio" and it's quite accurate...
  19. tom3

    Chinesium brake rotor

    Mild rant here. Doing a brake rebuild on the 70. Been about 35 years and it was way overdue. Wanted good stuff so I went with AC Delco premium parts thinking that stuff should be good. The first rotor looked real good, whole front was machined real pretty. Second rotor looked a little off...
  20. tom3

    Ebay selling, bidding looks a little suspicious.

    Couple of you guys deal on Ebay some, maybe you can tell me what's going on here? (Mods, move if this is in violation?) We've been downsizing a bit, selling some odds and ends to see how it works. I put a couple circuit boards on auction, kind of a rare item. Somebody bids on the first...

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