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    1981 Camaro CP car

    1981 Chevrolet Camaro C-Prepared autocross car, mine so totally affiliated SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD - NOT STREET LEGAL, no lights, wipers, etc. Engine is not with the car, just a roller now. I bought a 2012 Camaro SS as a Daily and autox car, so the 81 needs to go. For more info on...
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    GoPro video of my Camaro in action

    Here is a video of my Camaro at the Match Tour in Moultrie, GA. This was my co-driver Tommy Pulliam at the wheel. Time was 49.744. Fastest car was in the 44s (it was an EM jeep)
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    FS: GM 3.73 gears

    SOLD SOLD SOLD: 3.73 gears for 8.5" 10-bolt, $75 or make offer. I replaced the gears with lower gears (4.30). Per the previous owner, these gears were installed by a GM dealer. Gears ran smoothly and quietly when they were in the car, no chips in teeth. Post here, PM or email me with any...
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    2.41, 3.73 & 4.30 gears

    Well, I got my new gears in for the Camaro, it had a 3.73 in it, but it needed more gear, thus the 4.30s. This all started when I turned the center section on the tube & had to get another housing. The replacement housing had 2.41s which were damaged. So I set them up side by side for...
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    WTB: 10-bolt rear axle housing

    WTB: 10-bolt axle housing; FS: 3.73 gears I found a housing locally, thanks to all that offered theirs. Found one with chipped gears and bad spider gears but a good housing. Good price too. I also have a set of GM 3.73 gears I am selling. I am changing gears in the Camaro while I have the rear...
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    Done broke my rear end...

    Well, not really broke, but I managed to spin the RH axle tube on the center section. Yep, leave it to me to do it half-arsed. It only did the right side as that tube has the 3rd link on it so there was no way that tube was moving. Left side tube turned with the center section. It didn't turn...
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    FS: Car trailer

    SOLD - Time to sell my open car trailer, I am picking up an enclosed trailer this upcoming weekend so this one will be needing a new home. SOLD Email or call me for more. 770-787-6297 cell Trailer is a 1982 homebuilt (by a good friend of mine) with a 15ft dovetailed deck. I have completely...
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    FS - 1LE Raybestos rotors

    FS Raybestos part # 5994 1LE rotors, with ARP wheel studs (2.5" long metric studs), new A3 and A6 bearings and seals, pregreased and ready to install. $50 plus the ride or local pickup. May consider offers, not doing me much good sitting around. I was going to use these on my Camaro but ended...
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    FS-81 Camaro parts

    Clearing out some leftover parts from the Camaro that I won't be using. Shipping not included. SOLD - Front leaf spring brackets with hardware $15 SOLD - Rear shackles and shock/spring plates $10 Stock gas pedal assembly $10
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    FS: 1LE rotors & B-body spindles

    For Sale, two new 1LE Raybestos rotors (part #5994) with new ARP 2.5" long 12mm x 1.5 studs. Include new bearings (A3 & A6) and seals. I mocked them up on my Camaro but ended up going to a Wide 5 setup instead. SPINDLES SOLD. $75 for the rotors with bearings and seals. Local pickup preferred...
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    Nice little surprise tonight

    Finally got the rear end out of the car and opened the diff up. I was told it was a 3.73 gear (had been replaced by two owners ago) with an open diff. Well it was just that, but actually had GM gears in it, I was expecting aftermarket ones. Seems to have been set up nicely upon initial...
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    What were they thinking?

    Dumbarses of the year. That's not going to end well for Citibank, no sirree.
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    Another 81 Camaro CP car

    Here are some picts of my 81 Camaro (originally 229 V6 base car) that I am making into a C-Prepared car, much like 1981paul is doing. It still in the early stages so don't expect much. I did trial fit the engine tonight to make sure the Moroso solid mounts lined up. Here is when I first got...

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