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  1. Ken70

    June Norwood 1970 coupe

    Hi Ive had my 1970 for over 30 years but when I got it , it was just a body. Looking to see more info if possible.. I know its a v8/auto due to the vin but how can I tell if it was a 307 or 350 or even a big block? I do see only one fuel line from the tank, I've seen other cars with a fuel...
  2. Ken70

    Correct front grill color 1970

    Can anyone tell me what the correct front grill color should be black or silver on a 1970 standard full bumper coupe?
  3. Ken70

    70 non power brake pedal info

    Guys I have a 70 with factory non power brakes . I’ve seen some cars have a small rubber snub that cushions the return of the brake peddle and it goes between the brake peddle and the bracket that holds the brake light switch. Mine does not have any spot for it?. I see a lil place for a...
  4. Ken70

    70 steering shaft correct color/ finish

    Hi guys - is the steering shaft on a 70 supposed to be natural color or black ? Thanks Ken
  5. Ken70

    70 Front End suspension resto color & finish

    Guys I am rebuilding my front end suspension, and looking to get the parts powder coated the correct color/finish if possible. I cant seam to find info on this , any help is appreciated . Thanks ken
  6. Ken70

    70 standard steering wheel bow tie emblem

    I’m looking for the factory 1970 standard interior steering wheel bow tie logo in the center of the horn pad . ????
  7. Ken70

    1970 camaro Jack Base u70

    Im looking for a u70 jack base
  8. Ken70

    Correct trunk Mat 1970

    Guys Just trying to see the proper color /designer trunk mat for a 70. I know only a deluxe interior came with a mat but I want to add one to my standard interior anyway. Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Ken70

    1970 5 spoke trim ring clips

    Cant get the new trim rings to stay clipped on for more than 1 block

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