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  1. 2ndOwner78

    Thoughts on 1970 project car value

    So I took a look at a 1970 base model Camaro project car and was wondering what the views were here on current values. I know, they are nuts. The car has some great things going for it but it also has some rust issues, real bad. The owner has had it for a year and hasn't touched it since it...
  2. 2ndOwner78

    OER Interior Paint - Camel Tan for 1978 over black original

    I know SEM interior paint seems to be the go to for many and that was what I had intended to use on my little project. Because of inventory issues where I was putting an order together from that wasn't available but the OER brand was. I had found good reviews online for the color I needed so I...
  3. 2ndOwner78

    CHP-Themed 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Movie Car - on BAT

    Check out the video they made, hilarious! Who has seen the movie it was in? I haven't.... The Junkman - 1982 In the trailer it shows they had several of these Camaro squad cars.
  4. 2ndOwner78

    Widebody Chevy Camaro Z28 Rendering I like the front view better than the back.....
  5. 2ndOwner78

    Lower pressure radiator cap, anyone run that?

    I just dropped off my original radiator at an old school radiator shop for a flush and inlet fix. They have decades of experience so I am thinking I should open my ears when they have advice to share. When I asked for his advice on a radiator cap he mentioned that unless I am running in the...
  6. 2ndOwner78

    First new "shoes" in 33 years

    I took the next (big) step of getting my girl back on the road. I needed safe and reliable wheels and tires. So I hope 2021 is ready for 1988, she screams the 80's. Other than the wheels and tires I'm putting her back on the road just like she left it when she went into hibernation in 1988...
  7. 2ndOwner78

    1978 Camaro Promo Video

    I'm sure this has been shared here many times before. But we "rubber bumper" lovers need as much attention as we can get... :) I love that the test drivers at the very end are wearing helmets, it's going to be a wild ride in that Z!! :) But at least her bell bottoms match the car.
  8. 2ndOwner78

    Sturgis Camaro Rally

    On the same weekend as the Camaro Nationals but much closer for some of us here in the midwest or west. June 24, 25, 26 & 27. Anyone going? I was thinking of trying to make this the first trip out with my car since the 80's. Getting it out of moth balls! :)
  9. 2ndOwner78

    Who can name these tools - next installment

    You guys are so good at this I'm back with more. I have a few tools included in the group of tools I just won from an auto shop liquidation. What are these 4 tools circled in the middle of the picture? Most items are slide hammers/pullers and spring compressor items, so they are probably...
  10. 2ndOwner78

    WTB - 76-81 AC Dual Main Hoses

    Looking for 76-81 AC Dual Main Hoses that come out the back of the original AC Delco compressor. High pressure and return lines. So back 33 years ago when I was installing my new engine in my 78 I screwed up. At 18 years old my only really concern was getting my new built engine in so I could...
  11. 2ndOwner78

    468ci-Powered 1973 Chevrolet Camaro - on BringATrailer

    Predictions on this sale? I really like the bringatrailer sales. SO many pictures and the comments/conversations are great too. What do you all think of this car? Legit or not? Lipstick on a pig or done right? I have no idea where this auction will go. But I'm predicting it won't make it...
  12. 2ndOwner78

    WTB - 73-78 Shifter Plate for auto trans

    Anyone have a extra shifter plate laying around they are looking to unload? The corner cracked off on mine back about 1987. It's about time I get around to replacing it. :) Actually, now that I will be doing the 700r4 conversion I know I'll be digging into this area, so it's time. I'm not...
  13. 2ndOwner78

    Okay, who can identify these tools?

    So I have set aside these random tools from boxes of assorted tools I've bought at auctions. Who can identify these? The first one, I just have no idea. The other two seem familiar to me but I can't place them. Tool 1 (I have no idea) Tool 2 Tool 3
  14. 2ndOwner78

    Craigslist - 71-72 factory SS steering wheel - $100

    Looks pretty good.
  15. 2ndOwner78

    So how good are the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) guys?

    So before my 78 was parked back in 1988 it had someone run down the passenger side with a big old bumper. Caught right at the back of the front wheel opening and also pushed the door skin in slightly along the body line. The body panels are still perfectly rust free and I would love to salvage...
  16. 2ndOwner78

    Camaro Turbine Wheels

    Saw this set of 4 locally on Craigslist cheap. They list them as 1978. I don't know anything more.
  17. 2ndOwner78

    Opinions are like...... what should I do first?

    Okay I need to make a decision on the first item I want to tackle in getting my car back on the road. Right now it is running a moderately built 360 running through the original 1978 TH 350 automatic and open axle with 2.32 gears. It is probably a 300-325HP engine (not at the wheels) with a...
  18. 2ndOwner78

    A little test, who can identify my SBC??

    I'm trying to figure out exactly what my engine is. I purchased the engine back in 1988 when I was 18 years old from a local drag racer/amateur engine builder. I never saw the inside and from my memory I thought he told me it was a 2-bolt main. BUT from what I see from the numbers on it I now...
  19. 2ndOwner78

    PE1 Polycast wheels - found on CL

    Found a full set of 4 Polycast wheels on Criagslist here in Minnesota if anyone needs some for a late 70's resto. I had these on my 78 LT when I first got it so they really stick out to me when I see them. Seem to be really tough to find. Well, here is the link if you have any interest...
  20. 2ndOwner78

    Sitting since 1989, new life?

    So I'm open to ideas. My 78 LT was last licensed in 1989 and has been in storage ever since. It was an 80s custom that is seriously dated now. Check out that rear wing and front clearance.... How about that Chevy heartbeat stripe? LOL It is super solid. I am the 2nd owner and it was always...

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