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  1. 351maverick

    try to do something on a budget & guys suggest $10,000 parts....easy to spend someone else's money

    I realize this is a discussion board but it seems every time someone ask about doing something on a budget, guys make suggestions that are WAY out of the budget easy to spend someone else's money
  2. 351maverick

    cottonwood tree seeds burn FAST - almost got me!

    these trees are dangerous this time of year - cover the grass like snow
  3. 351maverick

    my latest parts "car" victim is insane... 03 Dodge 1 ton 6 spd Cummins diesel 4x4

    I love my job local guy bought this 2003 Dodge Ram 1 ton 4x4 for the 5.9 Cummins/6 speed to do a diesel swap in a square body he already sold the front clip, doors & tires/wheels and I bought the rest for a sum of $$$ that I'm embarrassed to even say - interior is complete & near mint truck...
  4. 351maverick

    restoration & powder coating of my son's 1970s Tonka dumptruck

    pics don't do this thing's much greener in real life I should have taken some before pics...this thing was rough disassembled, rivets drilled, media blasted, powder coated (Eastwood Hot Coat semi gloss black & lime green) & re-riveted, new axles & axle nuts...still waiting for the...
  5. 351maverick

    what's up with guys NOT having friends with trucks/trailers?

    maybe it's just where I live but EVERYONE here has a pickup truck my car hauler trailer is the most convenient for hauling gets borrowed all the time if I need a small trailer with sides for landscaping I'll borrow that buddy's trailer...or another buddy has a dump trailer we just...
  6. 351maverick

    just bought my RAMMSTEIN tickets!

    soldier field in Chicago in September I'm super excited!
  7. 351maverick

    weird heater controls & fan switch 80-81?

    this was in the trunk of an 81 Camaro faceplate only say A/C or defrost...and the fan switch has an extra little switch thing the fan switch knob is different, but it was attached to the controls I looked for a while but I'm at a loss as to the correct year for this thing
  8. 351maverick

    can't decide if its worth it 2.73 open to 3.42 posi

    in my 3rd gen 88 Firebird Formula currently has a one wheel peel 2.73 10 bolt a bunch of local guys have 3.42 posi 10 bolts out of T56 6 speed 4th gens ready to bolt in for less than $300 my 18" rear tires are getting old & will often spin not even laying into the gas much 4th gen...
  9. 351maverick

    new Chevy Blazer vs new Ford Bronco....seriously GM?

    sad day for GM
  10. 351maverick

    on 15" 70-81 steel wheels how much mushroom on the lug holes is too much?

    my 79 Z28 came with the original 15" steel wheels - my favorite wheels for a 2nd gen by far anyway the lug holes are mushroomed up a bit - how much is too much?
  11. 351maverick

    my latest parts car (truck) victim 2003 F250 4x4 RUSTY like I've never seen

    2003 F250 66,000 original miles 5.4 automatic 4x4 this thing was a plow truck it's entire life frame is GONE - power steering box is barely hanging onto the frame - front frame horns were already welded once & the front spring hangars are now missing the rivets..they're just sitting there...
  12. 351maverick

    my new reciprocating saw is a BEAST...DeWALT XR 20V cordless made in USA

    this thing cuts like crazy! and FAST! made in USA DeWALT XR 20V I picked up a 5 ah battery & it runs forever and I really like DIABLO Steel Demon blades...made in Switzerland I only use this 20V outside (often) most stuff still gets cut up with a $20 corded HF el cheapo saw
  13. 351maverick

    my latest parts car victim...98 S10 POS but does have 3.73s lol

    my buddy DROVE this to my house...runs/drives perfect...body is GONE frame is nice, which is a shame...2.2 4 cyl, 5 speed manual local junkyards offered him the same as what I gave him...$200
  14. 351maverick

    WOW my DD 88 Firebird got a LOT of love today

    super nice day in Erie so I was driving my 88 FB Formula all over the place it's unusual but everywhere I went I was hearing "nice Firebird" 3rd gen F bodies are getting popular it seems paint will happen (or maybe a wrap or dip) before cruising season really begins
  15. 351maverick

    anybody collect glass/porcelain telegraph/wire insulators? bought me a few...hundred

    local collector died & his daughter sold me his collection of insulators stupid cheap I've seen these at flea markets/yard sales and it seems there is a HUGE collector market I've been researching a ton these past few days..these pics are not nearly all of them
  16. 351maverick

    new daily driver...MINT 97 Ford Ranger 4x4

    my brother lived in Denver Colorado for the past bunch of years but recently moved to Chicago this 97 Ranger was his fly fishing truck...driving up to the mountain streams he had no use for it in Chicago so he asked if I wanted it...hell yes, so I had it shipped from Chicago to Erie (door to...
  17. 351maverick

    gun guys....thinking about a 50 BMG purchase

    I like guns, I have a few ;) but I do NOT have a 50 BMG, and I feel like I should SERBU RN-50 these are about $1200 plus a bipod & buttstock ammo is scarce other than the $5/round Hornady 750 gr A Max....but I don't mind
  18. 351maverick

    this is the sweetest 2019 Buick Camaro I've ever seen

    Facebook Marketplace cracks me up sometimes
  19. 351maverick

    I hope I can flip my huge case of vintage radio tubes

    I acquired this....hopefully it'll sell, as these are out of my league if the whole case doesn't sell I'll Ebay every last one of them

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