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  1. Twisted_Metal

    Total lunar eclipse tonight

    If you have clear skies… Take a look. I’m going to try to take a couple of pics tonight as this is the first time in several years I’ve had a clear sky to view this event.
  2. Twisted_Metal

    Spin Launch

    No... It's not how some of us leave the line at the strip. 🤪 It's a small-satellite launch system currently undergoing testing. I can't understand how this thing wouldn't tear itself apart once the "projectile" is released. Wouldn't it be easier to launch/release TWO at the same time? (One...
  3. Twisted_Metal

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    It's not green... There's no snake in it... But it WILL bite ya! World’s Strongest Beer at 67.5% ABV Brewed in Scotland. Apparently... for the Irish. :lush: Celebrate safely!
  4. Twisted_Metal

    Worldwide Rules of "Shotgun"

    This is the definitive list of rules for calling "Shotgun" which has been compiled over the decades by individuals representing all parts of the world. It's a bit long (and entertaining) but it covers virtually EVERY scenario you could encounter. You may want to print this set of rules and...
  5. Twisted_Metal

    SNOW…. So much for the forecast!

    It’s been snowing for about 7 hours and we already have a foot of the white fluffy stuff. The forecast was for 7-12”. It’s going to snow all night. :eek: Glad I’ve got the snowblower ready to go because my fiancé is at work and I’ll need to clear the driveway so she get get her Equinox off the...
  6. Twisted_Metal

    State symbols... What are yours?

    Minnesota has had a state flower, bird, fish and gemstone for quite some time. (Showy Lady Slipper, Common Loon, Walleye and Lake Superior Agate) Minnesota can finally be represented by its State Fossil! And the winner is.... Casteroidus Ohioensis :D It's common name, in English, is... You...
  7. Twisted_Metal

    To boldly go....

    Where no nonagenarian has gone before! William Shatner is now the oldest person (90) to ever go to "space". Congrats to the old, rich guy! Highlights From William Shatner’s Blue Origin Rocket Trip to Space - The New York Times ( Blue Origin: An expensive 10 minute elevator ride...
  8. Twisted_Metal

    New noise... Squeaking

    Shortly after starting my car a few days ago, I could hear a chirping, squeaking noise. I thought it was the alternator belt so I changed it. No change in the noise. I removed the alternator belt completely. The noise was still there. Moving the steering wheel didn't change anything so I...
  9. Twisted_Metal

    Late 2nd gen photo op

    I loaned my A/C pump and black light to a NastyZ member (Jerry) and he brought his car to my house to return the tools. I called my son, who lives a couple of miles away, so he could meet him and see his ultra-retro Camaro. We lined them up in the driveway to take a couple of pics. Red 80 -...
  10. Twisted_Metal

    If you like robotics...

    From the guy who brought you the "Porch Pirate Glitter Bomb" and the "Auto-Bullseye Dart Board" ... Meet Dominator! If you haven't seen the dart board, it's another totally worthless (but pretty cool) contraption.
  11. Twisted_Metal

    First car show since Covid

    North St. Paul,Mn … History Cruise Every Friday night during the Summer but the entire season was cancelled last year. :( ^ My engine compartment after the A/C replacement and a bit of clean-up work. I got a lot of compliments and even had one guy ask if it was for sale because a family...
  12. Twisted_Metal

    There WASN'T supposed to be an Earth shattering KABOOM!

    I don't know what went wrong but it seems somebody made a gross mistake in calulations or simply didn't know what they were dealing with for explosives. Watch blast rip through police truck ( These bomb containment vessels are supposed to prevent damage to the area, not become shrapnel...
  13. Twisted_Metal

    I hope this isn't a NastyZ28 member!

    Hemmings is looking for the guy. DON'T DO THIS. No, really. DON'T. | Hemmings If you ever feel the need to risk your life by using concrete blocks to support a car... Orient them the way they were designed to take a load! :eek:
  14. Twisted_Metal

    It’s lawn mowing season… Do it in style!

    Total hack job but still humorous.
  15. Twisted_Metal


    "Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon" spotted near US Naval Destroyer. Mystery sightings in the sky raise national security concerns ( I see no reason to believe we are alone in the universe. However... Is something like this "proof" we are being visited or just some strange photographic...
  16. Twisted_Metal

    How NOT to tow a vehicle

    When towing a vehicle... Don’t forget to take it out of gear! :eek:
  17. Twisted_Metal

    House of Muscle ZL-70 Camaro

    It may have been posted before but this is a VERY nicely built 2nd gen Camaro. :cool: Project ZL-70: Chevrolet Camaro - The House Of Muscle Ep. 7 - YouTube
  18. Twisted_Metal

    New GM Logo?

    GM introduces new corporate logo. But you won’t actually see it on cars. :confused: Apparently, it’s a way to draw attention to the brand without committing to any drastic change. A little “click bait” for the brand never hurts...
  19. Twisted_Metal

    Happy New Year

    From the central time zone... May 2021 bring to all of you a great year of health and happiness!
  20. Twisted_Metal

    eBay seller issue... What would you do?

    I recently won an eBay auction (Camaro part) for the opening bid of $10. There was a "Buy It Now" option for $65 but nobody else bid and I put in a last second bid for $10. The seller claims eBay made a mistake in his listing and he wants to "work something out" with me. He is contacting eBay...

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