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    600 Holley accelerator diaphram

    It should be the red one for the factory 600 vs, Don't mess with the pump, leave it 30cc, theres only so much you can do with the 600 vs (if thats what it is), don't expect to set the world on fire with that carb, If your running a spread bore type manifold, you can't beat the 6210 spreadbore...
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    What do you think it will run?

    I'll give it low 11s dialed in.
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    Hydraulic Roller vs Solid Flat Tappet

    Solid FTs make good power, IMO, good valvetrain geometry & good lifter rotation will make the cam last, I think that combo with the right gear/converter will go low 11s depending on the full weight.
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    This.. This is exactly what I want to do...

    From what i'v heard about the pro-comp heads is its best to buy them bare, then have them set-up with better components, They do flow decent & will make HP, but you get what you pay for in the end, they cannot be compared to say an AFR head by any means, there not total junk, just entry level...
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    Lazy wtf is wrong with my car saga

    Sounds like you need a good inline filter, most likely trash is hanging up in the needle/seat, Also make sure the floats aren't holding fuel if there the brass ones, I've run 7-8 psi on all my holleys will no ill effects IF all is in good order. If its an aftermarket HP pump, I'd run a fuel...
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    Lazy wtf is wrong with my car saga

    I'd 1st. check timing, make sure its doing what it needs to be doing, Does this engine have an aggressive cam? Need more detailed info on it. It sounds like other issues then the carb IMO.
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    Carb, Ignition, Both...You Tell Me

    Don't know what eddy carb you have, but most 750 eddys had a stumble issue, increasing the pump shot didn't help much, so i increased the squirter size & that about cured it.
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    I have to disagree, The only way fuel can be drawn/drip through the boosters is from a really high fuel level or when it is entering the main circuit from the throttle position or heavy/WOT. It will not fill up the main well or act like a pump "IF" its still in the idle circuit where it should...
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    No spray, just dry. There should be nipples on the MB for the bowl gasket to stay in place, along with 2 offset nipples on the back side as well. There is this newer gold looking gasket that i don't like, it likes to curl up on the bowl side & blocks the port for the ported vacuum on the MB on...
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    I'd call QF, they should answer there phone, The MB gaskets should be the same.. (should), I like sticking with "Holley" brand parts, including there gaskets/PVs. Heres there Web site.
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    There you go beef, thats your problem, just run the one gasket, keep us up-dated. On those gaskets, you can use one or the other, not both. I'm sure it'll be alot easier to tune now!!
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    The PV should not let fuel be drawn from the boosters or cause dripping from them, dripping from the boosters (at idle) is an indication of a few things, high fuel levels, bad needle/seat, metering is entering the main circuit do to too high throttle opening. All the PV does is allow more fuel...
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    Even if the gasket is new, if its not seated properly on the PV ring it could leak. Drain the fuel from the bowl 1st. Then pop the bowl off, then take off the M block, look at the back side of the PV, it should be dry, check for any wetness on the rubber plunger & puddling in the well. If i...
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    Not if its sweating fuel from a leaky gasket & sucking it down the manifold. Not to be a smart azz, but the gasket isn't there for decoration LOL. If it isn't seated just right, It WILL leak. I sent you a post of a guy having similar problems on his slayer.
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    Read this, it might help, seems his transfer slots were too far open on his Slayer 750.
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    Idle goes up with mixture screws all in! QF slayer 750

    You do not want the fuel at the top on the site windows, just a hair below the middle while running, you mentioned your not running vacuum advance, You can/will benefit from running it, hooked right to straight manifold vacuum. Those carbs have a VG reputation for being great right OOTB...
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    Carb popping / stumble - too lean?

    I would think 1/8", if its abit loose, just zip tie it. :)
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    Instaling Nitrious express system - spark plug question

    Not untill you get to 100-125 shot, then go 1 step colder. You do want to pull 2* for every 50 hp shot, so 4* on a 100, this is a baseline starting point, Make sure though you have enough fuel (volume) to supply the HP of both the "engine" & N2o your giving it. Try not to exceed 6 lbs. of fuel...
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    Carb popping / stumble - too lean?

    I feel your pain, thats why i got rid of my last project after 2 years of BS & 2 engines, They both were oil burners, but they did have good vacuum, plugs always burned dark though, so i lived with it, I think you need to hook your vacuum advance back up, run it to straight manifold vacuum, All...
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    so rich holley carb

    Sounds like it just needs alittle adjustments to the idling to clean it up, Being a 4 corner system, You may want to open the secondary throttle blades about 1/2 turn (from fully seated), theres a little flat head screw on the pass side of the carbs base, Its a PITA to get to with the carb on...

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