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  1. 79T/Aman

    PTFB wins UMI challenge...again.

    for the second year in a row Mike Goodman's PTFB equipped 2nd gen Camaro has won the UMI challenge congrats Mike
  2. 79T/Aman

    EFI system

    I have a NEW in the box Fitech mean street 800 EFi (30008) system with the latest Force fuel surge tank (50004), sold the car that it was to go on. $1250 shipped in the lower 48 US states Pay Pal friends and family or cash in person ONLY this is my private property not business related.
  3. 79T/Aman

    Bigger facility

    Just a heads up, PTFB is moving to a bigger facility in the past few weeks we were able to keep up with orders as long as parts were available due to the lock down, this week however we have been in full moving mode 80% of the shop and warehouse has been moved, we are still waiting on internet...
  4. 79T/Aman

    pro-touring cars at the drag strip.

    I posted this customer doing a wet burn out a few days ago, here it is at the track. Yes it's on leaf springs street car all steel full interior with a guesstimated weight of around 3650#.
  5. 79T/Aman

    Putting the power down

    Many debate the ability to put power down with leaf springs, this car is street driven putting down 750+ HP at the wheels (about 900hp at the crank). PTFB Comp leaf spring system, notice no squatting tires are pushed into the pavement.
  6. 79T/Aman


    After a few requests we are now making our PTFB Pro G-braces to work with the DSE and Speedtech front subframe.
  7. 79T/Aman

    performance steering intermediat shaft.

    New Product. 70-81 F-body Performance collapsible steering intermediate shafts. Greatly reduce or eliminate steering shaft play All steel. NO welding. Bolt on Early splined column to 13/16-36 box Late DD column to 3/4"-30 box Any combination of the above for those 78 models that may have an odd...
  8. 79T/Aman

    LS T56 bell housing

    I have a new LS T56 Magnum bell housing for sale or partial trade for a BOP T56 bell housing $210
  9. 79T/Aman

    improved suspension kits

    We've been getting more requests for our products in kit form, here is a sneak peek at our Weekend Warrior kit not only are you getting a superior suspension system but also improved suspension geometry. Available in GT, GT Pro and Comp levels (Comp level pictured) Comp kit $2799.00...
  10. 79T/Aman


    For the past 3-4 years I've toyed with the idea of resurrecting the 12" B-body spindle, unfortunately the market is not big enough to support the initial investment, my sources were not willing to jump in, fast forward to last year when the circle track chassis builders started to complain about...
  11. 79T/Aman

    King of the mountain.

    Thanks UMI for inviting both PTFB backed cars to the King of the mountain invitationals, it was a privilege to competing against some of the country's best, the guys had a great time, Travis Hartwell 77 T/A, Mike Goodman 81 Camaro, Geoffrey Wolpert 81 Camaro (Geoffrey also made the shoutout)...
  12. 79T/Aman

    1LE spindles

    Development and testing has been finished, manufacturing procedures are being finalized on the new 12" spindles, there will be some different variants available one variant will be exclusive to PTFB aimed at autoX and improved street. At this juncture I can not go into the details of the...
  13. 79T/Aman

    easy shackle install

    l forget whether I ever posted this before, this is a quick reminder on how easy it actually can be to swap or put on leaf springs, even with the fuel tank in place do one side at a time, get the front bracket mounted to the car, have the rear end up high out of the way on a jack stand. next...
  14. 79T/Aman

    AutoX video

    this is Geoffrey Wolpert co-driving Mike Goodman's Camaro for the win.
  15. 79T/Aman

    UMI Challenge

    BIG!! congratulations to Mike Goodman and Geoffrey Wolpert for winning their class at the UMI Challenge in the PTFB Camaro, all bolt ones street car, way to go boys.
  16. 79T/Aman

    Modifying the stock spindle

    In order to avoid cluttering other on going threads, figured I start a new one, It is fairly easy to modify your stock spindle for fixed caliper brake system, I've done over 100, it can be cut and taped by hand with common tools. If you have 70-78 spindles and you are going to do heavy road...
  17. 79T/Aman

    fiberglass parts making

    This past winter I started to dable in making fiberglass parts, acquired a full set of Herb Adams full flared fenders, since they have not been produced for nearly 25-30 years I decided to learn how to make parts, seems easy at first but can get complicated and then the weather got hot ...
  18. 79T/Aman

    NEW item

    The new PTFB sway bar braces are now in production, the original ones are still available as well. The new braces feature "get me off the track" pulling loops ;-) Ideal for pulling your car up on a trailer and for minor towing of disabled vehicle Features: Laser cut 1/4" steel one piece...
  19. 79T/Aman

    Congrats to Mike G

    more autoX trophies for Mike and his PTFB equipped Camaro.

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