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    Stinking Quarter Panels

    Been fighting the new aftermarket quarter panels for some time and thought I had them licked…but no. Got all the gaps nice and just a hair under 3/16 and threw the tulip panel on a uh-oh. Large gap between the panel and trunk lid and sits below the lid a good 1/4 to 3/8. I did measure the...
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    Quarter to Rear Panel Fitment

    Been working on installing my aftermarket quarter panels and have a quick question regarding the rear panel to rear quarter fitment. Does this gap look about right. I’ve tried to find some good close up clear pics to show what this area looks like, but not successful (mine was all rotted out...
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    Every time you pull a panel off...

    Looking for some thoughts...go ahead and just replace or fix the out wheel well. This thing must have been in an accident prior to me owning. Pulled the quarter and saw this and then took the wire wheel to the quarter and sure enough...hit right behind the wheel and caved in the back half...
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    Header Panel Assembly

    Quick question, anyone else’s hood latch assembly posts look like these or did someone mess something up in the past. One has threads and other a bald post. Suggestions?
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    Aftermarket Fender Fitment Issues

    Well, have the doors hung the best I could and want to install new aftermarket fender And horrible fitment. Problem is when I get the top set, I can’t pull the bottom down enough to flatten and suck the fender into alignment with the door (body line high as well). After messing with for two...
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    Lovely Second Gen Tanks (or doors that is)

    Quick question, purchased new latch and strikers to check final quarter to door alignment before taking the shell off the jig and putting on the front sheet metal (prior to r&r quarters due to poor body lines and rust making it hard to ensure good alignment). The door and quarter are pretty...
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    Seam Sealing Under the Cowl Panel

    Finally getting around to installing new cowl panel. I’m getting ready to seam seal the seam just to the right of the tape and put a thick line up top where it connects to the a-pillar attachment point (under cowl). Is this right and how do I handle the heat ( bead would run right between the...
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    WTB...rear frame rails for 76 Camaro

    Looking to purchase both rear frame rails for a 76 Camaro. Unfortunately, both are rotted out from the torque box back to the first upper bend.
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    Project "I must be Insane"

    Well, after lurking around for 5 or so years, I finally joined the forum back in 2015 when I had owned my 76 for 26 years and was getting ready to start tearing her apart. The project was placed on hold for almost two years and now it's time to you know what or get off the toilet. I have it...

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