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  1. ZZ430

    GMT400 Price Trend

    Got lucky on my 88 C1500. Rust-free CA truck. Daily driver work truck, 4/6 drop, mild 350, Edelbrock headers, ported big blade throttle body, K&N cold air package, 7004R. Idles so smooth I have to look at the tach to see if it's running. (Paint was like this when I bought it)
  2. ZZ430

    383 Blueprint engine, what headers are you using

    I'm using these: Fit is fantastic, but nobody can say for sure if they will clear your floor, so many variables. I can just say they work for my 70 SBC, angle plug, Competition Engineering stock height poly body and motor mounts.
  3. ZZ430

    RS front license plate bracket

    I remember when Chevrolet first released it. It generated a lot of discussion. "Bold new look and very daring. An asymmetrical plate!" I recall hearing in the magazines. I like it. (Mine)
  4. ZZ430

    Roller cam wear pattern

    I thought it was cast iron so a regular distributor gear could be used. I'm going through my files to try and find a pic of my old ZZ4 billet steel cam that shows machining between the lobes that is much smoother than that.
  5. ZZ430

    Roller cam wear pattern

    Those cams were cast iron rollers, not known for longevity. As mentioned above a steel billet roller cam and new lifters would be nice.
  6. ZZ430

    Found some pics of my 73

    Hoping I'm not cluttering your thread, but I'm reminded of my 65 Olds 442 I bought after returning from Vietnam in 1967. Unfortunately I wadded it up In San Diego about a year later.
  7. ZZ430

    Found some pics of my 73

    Awesome to find old photos again. Also thank you for calling it correctly "rear window defogger" When people call it a "rear window defroster " it bugs me lol.
  8. ZZ430

    Wierd “tap, crack or knock” Sound?

    Sounds horrible to me. I would say drain the oil and look for metal in the oil filter.
  9. ZZ430

    Wierd “tap, crack or knock” Sound?

    This is one where we need a video with the sound for sure.
  10. ZZ430

    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Awesome! (From a fellow dog lover)
  11. ZZ430

    Photos of your first motorcycle

    71 Yamaha 360 MX. Later added lights and a silencer to make street legal. Raced at the local MX track, crashed and couldn't make it to work on Monday!
  12. ZZ430

    Intake Manifold Recommendations 454 BBC Stock Hood Cleared a 71 Camaro even with a 1/2" phenolic spacer. Ended up with about 7/16" clearance to the stock hood. Holley carb. dropped base 3" K&N. It is close.
  13. ZZ430

    One temp gauge reads higher than the other - both in intake.

    That's the Air-Gap manifold right? I tried using a gauge on the front and a sensor for electric fans in that rear port. It didn't work. It's the manifold design. Looking at the port it sure looked like it would. It would be interesting to try switching them for a test. I'm thinking yours...
  14. ZZ430

    Pictures of your garage

    Our shop
  15. ZZ430

    LT4 Hot Cam in pre roller block

    I can't say enough good things about the LT-4 Hot cam. The ZZ430 I have in my 67 Camaro of course has one. 1.6 GMPP roller rockers. Works great with the Fastburn heads. Awesome power band, and idles like a stocker (which you may or may not like). Built the car in 2001 and still runs great.
  16. ZZ430

    Carb question

    I would prefer the well-bulit Q-Jet. For one thing, the 1405 is a square flange carb which means you will need an adapter. Another thing, I personally hate Edelbrock carbs.
  17. ZZ430

    Think Your Holley Was Expensive?

    I don't get it. $2500 to tune for what? One track at one elevation? For that $ I would expect him to travel with me to all the tracks!

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