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  1. Camarocore

    Harness floor mount

    Any racing Harness out there for floor mount ?
  2. Camarocore

    1993 4L80 wont shift 3-4 with EZ-TCU

    its 4L80E 1993 trans, When grounding the solenoid wires its shifts 3-4 no problem. plugging the TCU unit and its only shifts 1-2 called TCI they said its not the same wire loom for that year, so we order the wire loom they wanted us to use to to find out its the same 130$ down the hole but we...
  3. Camarocore

    i always wanted oldschool pro stock.. but this is a street raced car

    After 4 years in storage in my parking proturing pimpin days were over :roadkill: AP racing magnum upgraded to 1200lbf SFI bell . SFI flywheel Tank is out that pile of junk out of the car sold in 5 sec in local craiglist... that too easy install because i had T56 in my old...
  4. Camarocore

    Bring Back Highway to Sell !

    To all my Friends ! please Email discovery to bring back Highway To Sell was one of the best shows they filmed ! without stupid gimmicks and very professional with very cool industry people! ! lets help the good guys! that represent all of us...
  5. Camarocore

    new 1978 1979 1/18 Z28 Diecast

  6. Camarocore

    new in town

    hey guys so i know its winter but where you guys hang out?
  7. Camarocore

    Back on the road Didn't makes WOT pass yet ... Keep braking stuff . Will leave it to the winter
  8. Camarocore

    First street pass on new slicks

    got new 28x10.5S tires . so any tips for first hit on black top? how much psi you will run on them for the first time. gotaway with 15psi on DR`s
  9. Camarocore

    roll cage

    any install pics? does anyone in Nasty installed on on his car ?
  10. Camarocore

    Post your cage

    Hey guys would be cool posting Interior shots with cages with info about points and cert Et's
  11. Camarocore

    Return line on stock Fuel tank

    So im getting new fuel setup. What will be the best way to connect the return line for the stock 1980 tank. if you guys can post pics of your Fuel system setup that will be cool
  12. Camarocore

    My new American PowerTrain T56 Magnum setup

    Hello guys so i got new trans and clutch for my Camaro. got it all from American Powertrain, that were really great with pricing and service. i already got new billet SFI flywheel T56 Magnum with Quicktime Bell their 11" ceramic Clutch rated for 845 ft-lb short throw shifter Hydramax...
  13. Camarocore

    ripoff hazzard
  14. Camarocore

    Local band. full show on youtube

    to nastyz28 metal heads
  15. Camarocore

    4l80E\4l60E aftermarket controller

    so,its sucks that ART CARR is out of business. they had very chep full manual control unit. so what are the options now days? the TCI unit is expensive. and i just a thought i wounder what it takes to DIY unit.
  16. Camarocore

    rear bumper side stripes

    hey do you know where i can buy rear bumper side stripes?
  17. Camarocore

    MSD dist (springs and bush) set up what you guys will setup a stock long block 87 350 (4bolt from tuck) with mild cam intake and 4150 msd and headers using stock convertor thanks!
  18. Camarocore

    speed scene live interview

    To all *friends I'm going to have kick ass live air interview Tuesday night, 9:00 Eastern/6:00 Western On speed scene live! SO log on!
  19. Camarocore

    ‎6 years since he was killed on stage (Dimebag)

    respect his memory! blast pantera and damage plan all day!!!
  20. Camarocore

    buliding motor for my buddys 74 camaro from junkyard parts

    would you think that setup will work? 350 truck block 305 casting 14014416 heads with 1.9 intake valve and porting. and that cam

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