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  1. Mike N

    GMT400 Price Trend

    Those trucks are all but gone here in Western NY..... road salt tore those things to pieces.
  2. Mike N

    Repair Drivers Side brake line.

    Regardless of material, compression fittings in a brake line are a no go for NY inspection.
  3. Mike N

    My new Beretta LS swap RWD conversion 4.8/5spd

    I've got a T56 from a 94 Firebird I'll probably never use if you're looking for yet another....
  4. Mike N

    I am Sure this is not Good

    I'd be having the deck and head checked for straightness before I put that back together. If it got hot enough to loosen head bolts, something is warped.
  5. Mike N

    Let’s complain about winter…

    I like the cold and snow.... bring it on. I hate heat, humidity, mosquitoes and all that crap associated with summer. The two months of summer we get here in Western NY are hell on me. If the daily temperature never got above 40 degrees, I'd be thrilled.
  6. Mike N

    Chrome Cancer?

    You guys should see what road salt does to chrome plated and/or aluminum wheels.
  7. Mike N

    Any wheel decoder websites out there?

    Pic of wheels??
  8. Mike N

    Kind of like finding out an old childhood friend is still around.

    "check engine lights comes on occasionally for an 02 sensor" @Knuckle Dragger - some things will never change.
  9. Mike N

    Personalized Plates

    RUNS 10S
  10. Mike N

    Hello is this thing on””

    Hey Frank- I'm hoping retirement is right around the corner. 35 years in the same shop and I'm about done. Bunch of the older guys retired and now I'm left with a 23 year old Store Manager that came to us from Rite Aid and a District Manager that came from Build A Bear..... yeah, these guys know...
  11. Mike N

    Sooo what u doing this weekend “

    Waiting for what will hopefully be the last snow of the season here. How are you, BaB?? Been a long time.
  12. Mike N

    Hello is this thing on””

    Hi Frank!!
  13. Mike N

    Hello is this thing on””

  14. Mike N

    NASCAR Considering a Chicago Street Course?

    That would be the best part of the race.
  15. Mike N

    A few "Look what stupid gets you" pictures of the Blazer I just bought

    It's really too bad that GM never offered a V8 in those, they would have sold out of them.
  16. Mike N

    A few "Look what stupid gets you" pictures of the Blazer I just bought

    Naming that thing a Blazer is blasphemy!! This is a Blazer.....
  17. Mike N

    Broke down and actually bought a Hazard Freight electrical tool

    I've got a 30 something year old Cheapo Electric welder from Horrible Freight and it's a pretty good unit.
  18. Mike N

    Gold Membership

    Looks like all is well. Thanks for your support!!
  19. Mike N


  20. Mike N

    "Gold Member" status disappeared?

    I added the Gold Member label.