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    I still hate this crap

    Damn! Way to call out MadMike on that one. As some may remember, I was an "Administrator" here for a number of years up until somewhere around 2005 (at which point I buggered off and only come by occasionally) and I suspect there are a couple reasons why this original "selling point" has been...
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    New, but old, leak question

    If I remove the heater box covers- I am assuming I can get an arm in there to 'feel' for seams/leaks? Picture attached, arrow (please excuse hand-done lines) indicating general area (should point up right into top corner) where leak seems to be coming from...
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    I still hate this crap

    It's not likely just the "one word" being covered, but the daily addition of things blocking peoples view/obstructing getting things done- advertising banners across the bottom of television screens or tv station logos blocking text in the bottom corner, the word processor cursor that always...
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    Updates on Jegs?

    Same here- last time was about a year ago. What was "in stock" apparently was not in stock and trying to work with them to configure the same 'kit' (a FITech setup) out of parts/pieces became a weeks-long odyssey that was never going to end (by design I assume, they were waiting for the...
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    Stock Exhaust Manifold With C4 Corvette Heads Question.

    Can't say I know the difference between whatever manifolds you have and C4 manifolds- can't you put one up against the cylinder to be sure there is no plug interference?
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    Poor idle

    If you've got no codes and replaced the IAC (you did clean out the hole it fits into?) and still have the issue- go look for 'old school' issues- as mentioned, vacuum leaks, dirty injectors/throttle body, etc. If you can't get anywhere, maybe up the idle (there is still a mechanical idle speed...
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    New, but old, leak question

    My '79- is stored indoors, but the last few times it was outside in the rain, water would collect in the passenger side footwell. Finally got around to looking into it this year, and went in thinking the seal around the kick panel vent (non-AC car) would be the issue. No, panel seal still quite...
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    How NOT to tow a vehicle

    People say alot of sh!t, proof comes when you actually have a claim. Not trying to be argumentative, but I'm not a big fan of people who make their living off financial "services" type activities generally as I've heard alot of stuff, and seen more and the proof of anything only appears once a...
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    What is the quickest Camaro by Generation?

    Had anyone tested the 396/402 bigblock 2nd Gen, I think it would be a position or two higher on the list. Problem here appears to be that the top-end (for speed) models are being compared (i.e. in the case of the 5th and 6th Gen cars) to not-necessarily-the-top end speed models from other...
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    How much faith in your truck do you have?

    I've owned a few over time, would never get another Ford Ranger- every steel line under it rusted out after awhile (literally every line- brakes, fuel, steering cooler, transmission) underpowered V6 and only good for hauling small stuff around (and g-damned terrible on gas for its size/weight)...
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    How NOT to tow a vehicle

    That $30k for parts is likely dealer parts-counter math- i.e. rebuild everything using individual pieces ('lemme see, this screw is $3.00, this screw is $3.00, this screw is $4.00').
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    BBC Conundrum

    I would agree with using the 049's- they are decent flowing heads and if you port them on the short side radius they'll go over 400hp and 500ft-lbs at 9.5:1 compression- change the pistons.
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    Distributor is not advancing

    I think it's a bit of a leap to jump from timing not advancing (probably because of the CCC system) to a wiped cam and shavings in the engine. Also, this 'bad cams' in 305s is an old, too often repeated almost fable- there was a bad run of cams in '79 or '80 (I don't recall which at the moment)...
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    cheap chinese new Quadrajets

    If someone can't figure out how to rebuild and tune an existing, original Q-Jet (especially with the expertise available in the (remaining) forums like this one) as long as parts are available, I'm not so clear on how a new/replacement (Chinese or otherwise) Q-Jet is going to assist anyone?
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    Interesting interaction with local PD last night

    That's probably sage advice, especially if at the time you believe 'I want a lawyer' is 5 words. ;)
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    Good old days...the mini skirt

    All the girls in that video are either past retirement age, or dead. ;)
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    Interesting interaction with local PD last night

    Doesn't sound like much of an "odd" pullover other maybe than multiple units being available for what seems to be a rather trivial stop. Trying to get someone to admit/self-incriminate is the oldest technique used, formerly they took notes, now they can use the camera- same thing either way.
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    First start up in over 8 years

    If it hasn't turned over in 8 years and is dry, you may want to consider taking out the plugs and spraying some penetrating oil in each cylinder and turning over the engine by hand on the crank pulley to circulate things- i.e. the engine oil and the penetrating oil.
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    Undercarriage Painting

    In my experience (trying a few different brands), none of the 'paint over rust' products do very well actually painting over rust- they work super well on a clean, sandblasted (i.e. etched) surface and will stick for many years to that and keep rust from forming, but generally don't seal up...
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    350 Engine Starts, Runs a Few Seconds, Then Stalls

    haha! I bought a '77 C3 last year and still have barely just started to get the bugs out...