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  1. 71RSLS

    Cool find in an old grain truck!!!

    When I popped the hood, saw the big block valve covers and not a 2 thermostat thermostat housing, I was excited enough. But to learn it was actually something cool was even better. LOL
  2. 71RSLS

    Need help figuring out a 71 color

    Very nice! I've been wanting to do this but haven't had any parts cars to cut up in years. I know where 2 cars are but the guy wants $500 to cut off the back of one. I don't need it that bad. Yet. LOL
  3. 71RSLS

    Cool find in an old grain truck!!!

    I picked up a 1962 Chevy Viking and it happened to have a 1970 Chevelle LS3 in it. I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it. Too bad the suffix code wasn't for a 70 Camaro because I have a L78 70 Camaro missing all the expensive stuff. Haha Here's a little break down of the PN's on...
  4. 71RSLS

    1971 Camaro RS "Make drive again" Project

    Awesome! I'm trying to wrap up an 08 myself. The pcm security locked it's self and its been a pita!
  5. 71RSLS

    Bolt on 2nd gen L88 Hood

    Do you still have the hood?
  6. 71RSLS

    70 RS Money Pit

    Those wheels and seats are very nice! I'm wanting to put different seats in my 71. Legendary told me 5 month lead time the other day.
  7. 71RSLS

    1971 Camaro RS "Make drive again" Project

    I might actually put nitrous on it for now and take it and have it dyno tuned. I'd love to do a turbo but I've got 3 trucks to build/finish for guys and I'd love to drive my 40 Ford this summer. So I need to not rip the Camaro apart too much. Haha
  8. 71RSLS

    1971 Camaro RS "Make drive again" Project

    I've just been driving the car. A lot, every chance it's nice out. I need it to snow so I can put it up and yank the rear end. It needs 3.42s and a posi. The 3.08 is not real fun starting out. LOL
  9. 71RSLS

    Well, now I'm officially a cancer survivor...

    Here's wishing you a speedy and trouble free recovery Doc! You sure went in at the right time!!!
  10. 71RSLS

    In 2020.....

    This is funny stuff! LMAO
  11. 71RSLS

    Thoughts on this L-34

    That looks like a very nice car. I recently picked up a stripped out 70 L78 car. No documentation or any of the really cool parts. Poor car. Haha
  12. 71RSLS

    Pro Mod 74 to 71 conversion

    The interior is looking nice. I like the new storage apparatus.
  13. 71RSLS

    1971 Z28 RS Restoration

    It is looking very nice!
  14. 71RSLS

    My Girlfriend's New Car

    Sorry to hear of you and your wife's loss but like you said, at least he isn't suffering anymore. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family.
  15. 71RSLS

    1971 Camaro RS "Make drive again" Project

    Thanks, it was a fun build and gets a lot of attention. Plus I saved it from the land fill/crusher. That car was rear ended and totaled when I started that project. I actually traded my 72 RS Camaro as a roller for some Corvette parts. The only thing I used from that trade was the frame and...
  16. 71RSLS

    Wow!!, Guess what I got for absolutely nothing today

    Here is some info on it. It looks like it is a 7.92 where as the mosins are 7.62. Mosins were Russian not German. I'm not an expert on guns either. But it looks like you have a nice piece of history either way...
  17. 71RSLS

    Back in my day Goodness...

    Now if they do that it is indecent exposure...... But I don't mind it. LOL
  18. 71RSLS

    What the heck is REALLY wrong with people today. This is CRAZY

    That sure reminds me of a car that got kept/alloted to the wife in a divorce so the x husband destroyed it so she wouldn't get squat for it when she sold it.
  19. 71RSLS

    Wow!!, Guess what I got for absolutely nothing today

    RS1979, nice score! It really resembles the mosin nagant rifles of that era. I have 1 of them and a nagant revolver.
  20. 71RSLS

    Childhood punishments have become my adult goals, HAA HA

    I'm lucky enough to go to bed at 2am at the earliest most days and wake up at 7am to take the kids to school. If I ever get to go to day shift, it is going to suck. Day shift starts a 4am and I'd have to get up at 3am. Uh, yeehaw. Haha