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  1. mallard

    WTB '70 Smog Tube Drivers Side

    I can’t begin to remember how many of these smog systems ended up in dumpsters 45+ years ago just out of our shop alone. o_O
  2. mallard

    Fuel needs for hi compression engine

    Do you know if your heads have hardened valve seats installed? You could have a problem with seat recession with no lead gas. IIRC hardened seats weren’t used until ‘71. However a lead substitute additive should alleviate that. I’ll let others chime in regarding their thoughts on ethanol...
  3. mallard

    Canada - Danish border war

  4. mallard

    WTB OEM 396 engine lift brackets

    And I wonder how many of these brackets are sitting in miscellaneous pails in auto wrecking yards the last 40 or 50 years long before anyone realized they’d have value. :confused:
  5. mallard

    Passed an interesting milestone....

    Very valid point. I installed an electronic ignition that fits inside the factory distributor cap on my '74 back in 1990. So that's 16 years with points and 32 years with electronic ignition. :cool:
  6. mallard

    Name that car…

  7. mallard

    Name this car

    Wasn't it John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles who said about the burned out smashed up rental car "that will buff right out". o_O
  8. mallard

    Fluid leaking from the speedometer cable connection

    Ditto. Plus make sure the surfaces are as free of any grit as you can possibly get them.
  9. mallard


    And I’m in the camp of attempting to answer members enquires instead of “questioning the question” which IMHO seems a bit belittling.
  10. mallard

    Name that car…

    I managed to zoom the picture in more and I think you may have won the prize on the '69 Roadrunner guess.
  11. mallard


    Who's "we" suckah...
  12. mallard

    Name that car…

    I'm thinking '55 Chev and '68 Dodge Coronet.
  13. mallard

    Name that car…

    Those would have been too easy. o_O
  14. mallard

    Name that car…

    '66 Dodge? :cool:
  15. mallard

    McCune's Triple option restore project 1973 TypeLT/RS/Z28

    The details in his restoration is second to none. I'm awaiting the finished car but from I've seen so far, there won't be any disappointments.
  16. mallard

    Random Poor Running/Stalling

    Pardon my "canned" HEI answer but the pole piece (AKA "pick up coil" in the distributor) causes problems like that. While it may be fuel related, eliminate ignition first.
  17. mallard

    removing reverse lockout on 4 speed for better shifting - pros and cons?

    That rod was missing when I got my '74. Having to shift into reverse to get the key out is a bit of PITA but I think the main reason its removed is because some makes of headers interfere. In any event, it also activates the back up lights and that's the biggest annoyance without that rod in...
  18. mallard

    When did this Happen….

    "Pre paying" for lung and liver transplants. ;)
  19. mallard

    Wally Cleaver

    RIP Wally. A few years older than I but a great "peer group" straight man.
  20. mallard

    1971 Z28 4spd 66,000 miles 100% orig, basically untouched "barn find"

    what a terrific find! Any engine bay pics?