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    Shock recommendations for 78 Z28

    GABRIEL Ultrashock is another good option. Also, AC DELCO Professional. Get whichever is cheaper because they are the exact same shock. I recommend
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    200R4 Conversation

    If you are not interested in showing off with smokey burnouts and stoplight drag races (like me), I would forget the posi. They reduce your fuel mileage and wear out the rear tires. It's like dragging a little anchor behind you everywhere you go. A good ol' open diff is also much safer if you...
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    Berlinetta door seals

    Thank you! I've never seen them mentioned anywhere else except in Camaro advertising back in that time period.
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    Berlinetta door seals

    I have read that Berlinetta models came with extra doors seals to make the cars quieter (and more luxurious). Does anyone know what they looked like and where they were attached? It sounds like a great idea. My car always had a bit of a draft from the bottom of the drivers door.
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    Late second gen brake questions

    Good info! I did the same swap to my '77Z, but it hasn't been tested yet. El Camino also used the 11" drums. Also, with this set-up you have awesome parking brakes that you can really depend on.
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    Rear Shock Noise??

    Is the jack still bolted to the underside of the package shelf? If the new suspension is stiffer than the old one maybe that is making noise. Although, come to think of it, that would probably be more of a rattle. Just a thought. I know squeaks can drive a person nuts. :screwup:
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    Fuel issue?

    Two suggestions: Have someone drive behind you while you experience the bog to see if the exhaust smokes more than before to indicate a rich condition. If it does, TEMPORARILY cap the main vent stack on the Q-Jet and test again. Fuel could be spraying out of the vent when the bowl becomes...
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    Launching a car

    I'm normally a stick in the mud, get off my lawn sort of guy but MAN, that looks like a lot of fun!:D
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    DIY Trunk divider and package tray

    It slides under the trim that is below the rear window. That holds down the back and sides. The front edge has a fabric flap that folds down over the front of the metal bulkhead and is glued down. It will be a little loose and rattle without an insulation pad under it like the factory did. It...
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    Powertrain/ ??? vibration

    Wow. Someone is quite sure of himself, isn't he? This is the backside of a steel 5-spoke wheel. Please explain how it could be "hub-centric" on a brake drum (or rotor).
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    The Z-Corn. My 80 Z28.

    You are correct. The stock transverse muffler hangs from those brackets.
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    72 Restomod project

    Beautiful work Lincolnfxr. Is that intake duct custom made or something I could buy?
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    Charlie’s 1973 RS / LT / Z28 lives again !

    Wowee! I LOVE that planview overhead shot of your car. Congratulations.
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    1970 F-41 rear sway bar upper bushing question

    I used shock absorber bushings to replace mine as I remember. It worked well.
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    1981 Ride Height Advice after 5 Years of not Settling

    I would avoid making the shackles any shorter than factory. I believe shortening them can cause some ride travel geometry problems. Great job on the front!
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    First purchase in over two years

    I can't see the picture but I can imagine it. Congrats! :cool:
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    Q-jet Speed Secrets

    The tiny hole just above the leading edge of the air valve can be plugged and redrilled just BELOW the air valve to allow quicker response from the secondaries. It functions as a sort of passive "accelerator pump". Some factory carbs came this way.
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    windshield wiper arm question

    Both, I think.
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    windshield wiper arm question

    I know exactly what you mean. That spring under the arm is so stiff that the splined connection doesn't stand a chance over time. I've tried to think of a way to improve that arrangement but haven't come up with anything yet. It doesn't matter much on most cars but on a second gen the hood is...
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    79 Z-28 died while driving and will not start

    Great news! Enjoy your car. I assume the new module came with some heat sink compound to put on the base before screwing it down. It is needed for a long and happy life for the new module.