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  1. jbloake

    Repro door glass for 1970, tinted, ok or not

    Tom the glass looks good. The wheel change from the 3rd gen looks even better! I like it !!!
  2. jbloake

    Windshield wiper motor. I am so confused

    This may help clear up the confusion . This is your build sheet from your cars sale . I believe there should be a C24 for the hide-a-way wipers . Does anyone know what number block it should be in . This will tell the member if he has the wrong wiper motor or wrong transmission and arms .
  3. jbloake

    1970 L78 Camaro wanted

    This one was here on Nasty a couple times . Looks like it needs a good home. Members here would know where it’s at. If I recall they spoke to the owner.
  4. jbloake

    Larry Greif's car up for auction

    The stripes definitely don’t look like Charlie’s 1100 mile car . The stripes may of been like that ? but they both left the same Van Nuys plant . The body seam in picture , well somebody was looking through there rose colored glasses .
  5. jbloake

    Living in Middle Tennessee is Awesome

    Meanwhile 1800 miles to the northeast this visitor looks over the water for supper
  6. jbloake

    Atlantic Nationals

    2nd Gen Camaro numbers were way down this year . There was a few more at the evening cruise.
  7. jbloake

    Saw this on Facebook

    Bud I can see getting confused,the second picture “All partically assembled 1972 Camaros” The trunk divider can be seen witch also indicates 1970 only .
  8. jbloake

    Atlantic Nationals

    On again for 2022
  9. jbloake

    Saw this on Facebook

    Your picture is 1970 . The rear defogger hole is 1970 only .
  10. jbloake

    67 cowl tag question?

    Group 1 The W is tinted windshield only. The 2 is group 2 The M is powerglide transmission The G is console The second 2 Would indicate group 2 again, witch makes it seam like it was tampered with ! The L is 4 speed transmission. It can’t have two transmissions .
  11. jbloake

    1970 Z28 Color (LA Build), thought it was green mist then I put it in the light...

    I am guessing this car was a special order paint — — car .It looks like Ash Gold from 68
  12. jbloake

    Part recognition

    This should help
  13. jbloake

    Part recognition

    Looks like the gas door spring on 78-81 Camaro
  14. jbloake

    1970 ss/rs/z28 mistake

    Was this Chicago 1970 ?
  15. jbloake

    1970 ss/rs/z28 mistake

    Did Steve Magnante make another video
  16. jbloake


    Looking at image 4587 of the LH fender I don’t see any crash wrinkles! That tells me it’s a reproduction fender as well. I am also looking at how the header panel fits to the RH fender and lower valance makes it look reproduction also . When you add up all them panels it would make for a...
  17. jbloake

    1971 Rear Panel Replacement Order

    There is a member here named Russ that is on YouTube as Double R Restorations . He has a video of a 72 he’s doing with a demonstration of the back area your working on . It’s the first part of ( 72 gas tank straps) video.
  18. jbloake

    1970 Z28 Rear Bumper

    After taking a closer look at DANZ second picture I have came across a bumper that looked the same . To quote Billy “ Also, if the "73" bumper is a repop, it sure looks worn and exposed to the elements. Yet it was purchased in the mid/late 90s with other 73 parts from a parted out 73. That...
  19. jbloake

    1970 Z28 Rear Bumper

    ^^^ Dan that picture of a 70-72 isn’t a very good resemblance of 70-72 . It maybe just the angle it is laying but it doesn’t look like the 70&71’s I have . I also have a bumper of a 73 that I took a contour gauge and placed between the two bumper bolts at mount and compared to the 70&71 and they...