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    NHL Playoffs

    Playoffs start tonight. Who do you think will hoist the Stanley Cup? I'm pulling for the Kings.
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    Top Alcohol Funny car

    Let's see a burnout
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    The 2 word game

    balls out
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    The 2 word game

    egg sandwich
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    The 2 word game

    bought clothes
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    The 2 word game

    water ski
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    The 2 word game

    stinks bad
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    You never know what ou find at the Antique Mall /Shop

    and made in USA too.
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    You never know what ou find at the Antique Mall /Shop

    Hey that's a neat item.
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    Bobby Orr Days

    I would have liked to have watched him play.
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    17 Years ago today............

    Wow what a thing to witness. Hope something like that never happens again. God bless USA
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    78 Z28 Survivor

    That looks like a great car. Look under the seats, maybe you'll find a build sheet.
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    1978 Z-28 Speaker options.

    I looked at my build sheet. B85 says BELT MLDG
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    Not something you see everyday...

    That would be strange seeing that in front of you on the freeway.
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    California ruined the nostalga of the black plate. :(

    I agree. There are way too many of those black plates and they look out of place on a lot of cars.
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    NHL Playoffs 2018

    Playoffs start tomorrow. Who will hoist the cup? Only 2 of the original 6 teams made the playoffs this year. 3 California teams made the playoffs. I'm pulling for the Kings. Sure a bummer about that tragedy involving the Junior hockey team in Canada.
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    Memorial Day Salute

    We honor those who sacrificed all.
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    To our fallen soldiers..........

    Yes thank you.
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    First day of class today

    Good luck. How long to you think it will take to get that degree? How long does it take to get a bachelors degree online?
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    Super Bowl 51...who you picking?

    Not a Pats fan but Brady is unbelievable.