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    The 2 word game

    Card shark
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    The 2 word game

    Old school
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    When did I get old?

    My son is a college basketball player and they have all kinds of recovery equipment. We bought a device call "air relax" which are air filled sleeves that massage your legs by squeezing air around. You literally feel as good as New after using them.
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    1972-74 upper door panels gm

    Really nice shape never painted nice grain on small crack very fixable. I bought OERs not realizing how nice these were. $100 plus shipping
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    70-74 NOS Fender and Door

    Still have both
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    Anyone Have Coker Wide-Oval Bias or Radial Tires?

    I have the bias plys and after one hair raising ride I concluded a second set of BFG radials made sense to me. I use the bias ply for car shows. Think I saw the f60 radial wide ovals for $450 each at jegs yesterday. wow.
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    WTB NOS 70-73 passenger quarter panel

    I still have an nos passenger fender
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    Purchasing a crate engine, who do you guys suggest or have used ?

    Plus 1 on a blueprint 383 roller no problems in 4 years and great customer service
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    Mecum / Kissimmee FL 2022

    Think it's a bubble , a lot of guys with krypto money and others afraid of inflation
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    Mecum / Kissimmee FL 2022

    I was there today in person and watched a line of chevelle ls5 and 6 go for big money on was 165k. Really nice orange 70z went for $120k which was insane. Inflation or felation?
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    WTB : Complete Z28 front clip

    If you didn't get the hood hinges. I have a nice set you can have for free if you want to drive an hour Dom
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    wtb 70-74 heavy duty cooling fan shroud

    Thanks Ed - Pm sent
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    Any experience with the repro 15 5 spoke z28 wheels?

    Also they are the exact same color as the OER z wheel rattle can paint so easy to match if you just buy one or two.
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    wtb 70-74 heavy duty cooling fan shroud

    My shroud cracked at the lower mount anyone have a clean one? Would prefer one without the caution but may consider it. Thanks
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    Any experience with the repro 15 5 spoke z28 wheels?

    I bought them. All balanced fine and looked good.
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    Crotch rocket power

    I had the Honda v65 then a hurricane 1000 moved on to Harley's now own a single cylinder klr 650 slow as hell but really easy and fun to ride. Nice to be able to jump a curb or hop on to a trail occasionally.
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    Considering Selling my 70 Z28

    With inflation looming I think muscle cars are a good hedge. Get that cash invested before it’s worth less.
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    70 LT1 FT Camshaft Options

    Gotta have the sound of solids in a 70z!
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    WTB NOS 70-73 passenger quarter panel

    There has was one on craigslist for months up until a week ago in NY. It was $1500 but don't see it now. If it pops back up I will let you know. I have a nos passenger fender and door if you need them.
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    For those in the path of Ida

    Hope all the New Jersey members are ok. New York was bad we got 7" of rain. Got a little in the basement but not bad compared to some neighbors