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  1. jeff swisher

    2:73 gears with Muncie 4 speed

    @Todd Devine the math puts your car at 70 with 25" diameter tire. I ran short tires around town and when i went on long trips or actually to the fishing /hunting spot 160 miles away I stuck my 31" tall tires on. With the .81 OD of that TKX a 31 " tire would bet you the same rpm. Not that...
  2. jeff swisher

    Edelbrock air-fuel adjustment

    Linkage arms can be bent and not allow full closure of throttle blades. And if someone has taken the throttle blades off ever and not put them on exactly right and lined up it can leave one hanging open. When the secondaries are fully closed you will feel a slight unsticking when opening them up.
  3. jeff swisher

    Think these tires are worn out

    I had Goodyear wranglers on my 6000 lb Ford Van and stuck in my 456 gears with a spool to the the 302" engine with a 2 barrel put the hurt on my buddies 350" Z71 4x4 truck. I left that gear set in for 2 weeks and ate 1/2 the tread off the tires. Heavier the vehicle the more meat gets removed...
  4. jeff swisher

    Edelbrock air-fuel adjustment

    You checked to make sure the secondary side was completely closed. Now someone may have stuck early Carter AFB mixture screws in your carb. The threads are shorte on the AFB which would bottom out earlier but still not seal the hole shut. .570" of threads vs the Edelbrock screws that have...
  5. jeff swisher

    Edelbrock air-fuel adjustment

    If it was mine I would set timing to be 18"-24" at idle. Then see what the RPM is. Make sure the secondary side is closing all the way on that carb. I have seen bent linkage arm hold the rear open a bit I would then set the carb idle speed. And then adjust mixture screws. I usually end up at 2...
  6. jeff swisher

    Pusher fan along with mechanical fan?

    If the entire blade is housed in the shroud the the air will circulate inside the shroud mostly and it will exit along the outer edges of the shroud and not so much towards the middle. Too much of the blade outside of the shroud and the blade will pick up some air around the perimeter of the...
  7. jeff swisher

    Rolling thunder 2022

    Very nice. I never know when car shows are going on. I never show my stuff just drive it. I have pulled both of my boats to the lake a few times in the last 2 months with my 57 Chevy though. That must count for something, if that does not then maybe all the catfish I took home will. How is that...
  8. jeff swisher

    Pusher fan along with mechanical fan?

    In my Nova I had 2 dodge 4 cylinder pusher fans and many different mechanical pullers trying to cool a .060" over 350. I pulled the 3 core radiator from my 77 delta 88 and stuck it into the Nova as it was about 3" wider and was "rebuilt" and the Nova radiator was old. The thing still ran hot. I...
  9. jeff swisher

    Edelbrock step up springs

    I feel your pain.
  10. jeff swisher

    Edelbrock step up springs

    I know this is 6 months old but wonder if you got anywhere with the quest for more MPG. I had an old Nova that got 18 MPG 270H cam RPM intake 750 carb Edelbrock 1407. I had 3.70 gears. You had to drive it right to get 18. I ran the orange spring then. I swapped in some 2.29 gears and...
  11. jeff swisher

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    I hate those kind of coils!!! All you guys with issues of dog hair , cotton wood, or ling collecting on the unit do this. Buy window screen and wrap it around the unit. You can keep it attached with magnets that will pinch the screen to the unit or you can zip tie or sew the screen together...
  12. jeff swisher

    Yes Piston Rings do rotate

    Cross hatch does make a difference. Friend of mine tested it in circle track engines he built. [email protected] .050 cams in these engines and a little more power made the difference and he found slowing the ring rotation with a narrower cross hatch gained power.
  13. jeff swisher

    350 chevy HP

    That intake the EPS by edelbrock will be down on power vs the old RPM intake. Better than the old performer that has a flat smooth floor though. I have ran the 624 heads 2 times once on a 355" and another time on a 388" 6000 to 6700 rpm shift point on both one had the old comp 268H [email protected] .050...
  14. jeff swisher

    Bad jokes..... NWS

    Does not look like it matters as his aim is horrible judging by the stained floor around the toilet.
  15. jeff swisher

    People Don't know much about carburetors these days.

    There are 2 people that own shops and one self employed mechanic here that tell their customers to come to me for their carburetor tune and rebuild. I do not have a shop and really only work on buddies things but do not mind tweaking a carb. That skill is lost as all the old guys that knew...
  16. jeff swisher

    Another "running hot" thread

    When I get a thermostat I stick it in a pan of water on the stove and take a thermometer and start cooking it. 160 thermostats 99% of the time are full open at 160. 180 was cracking open at 180 and full open at 190-195. 195 was cracking open at 195 and full open at 200-205. When I held temps at...
  17. jeff swisher

    ‘81 race setup? What have we bought?

    If you get a chance to look down the throats of the 750 and 600 side by side you will see there is not much you can do to the 750 as far as entry. I ported some heads for a buddies LQ9 and he stuck a carb on it and different cam. Special grind on a 109LSA I raced him many times as we always do...
  18. jeff swisher

    ‘81 race setup? What have we bought?

    I have always ran stock replacement mechanical fule pumps on all my SBC stuff and never needed a regulator. I have ran 7.5 psi through Edelbrock and Carter carbs and Qjets and Holleys and never any issues. When I ran the 750 Edelbrocks I ran 70-47 rods and 110 primary and 113 secondary jet...
  19. jeff swisher

    ‘81 race setup? What have we bought?

    If you were closer ^^^^^
  20. jeff swisher

    ‘81 race setup? What have we bought?

    I did back to back wheel dyno on RPM intake vs a dual 4 tunnelram More than 50hp everywhere with the dual 4. I think it was Joe Sherman that was at Edelbrock when they came out with the singloe 4 top for the tunnelram and it was 100 hp less than the dual 4 he stated it was the worst intake...