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  1. Javelin3o4

    Honda Spark Plugs

    My car takes NKG irridiums. When I first got the car they were $15 each, now they are around $9 from the parts store. Downside is the replacement interval is every 30K.
  2. Javelin3o4

    Electric Car Road Tax

    CA keeps bringing up wanting to tax based on mileage but for gas and EV's. Cause you know CA doesn't tax us enough.
  3. Javelin3o4

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    They have the little suitcase vents, they are meant for indoors though which include a filter. Something like this. Bettervent Indoor Vent.
  4. Javelin3o4

    Trying to get a Volvo key made... NEVER AGAIN

    I had to get a new key made for our work van (Ford Transit) that one key with programming was $300
  5. Javelin3o4

    USPS Tracking…does it matter?

    The issues I've had with USPS is them saying they delivered something and they didn't then it shows up a day or two later. I had one lady mark some bushings and tie rods I had ordered from PST as undeliverable and when I caught up to her and ask why she didn't deliver it she said it was too...
  6. Javelin3o4

    Let’s complain about winter…

    I can't complain cause I'm not looking forward to the 100+ degree days in the summer time.
  7. Javelin3o4

    Golden Corral steak, must be really good

    They opened one near me not too long ago. My kids always wanted to go. I was talking to my co-worker and he was telling me how he seen some kind just shove their whole hand into the chocolate fountain. Pretty much decided at that point I'll pass.
  8. Javelin3o4

    Computer Dummy Again - This time printer

    Sometimes you need to go into the settings and adjust the print quality, if its on draft it will use less ink and may not look as good.
  9. Javelin3o4


    I do idler pulleys and rollers on Samsung's all the time usually that's where I'd see a lot of the squeaking you would try and spin the pulley and it would be stiff. Seen a bunch of their old pulleys where the pulley melted right off the shaft. I've done so many I can probably do the entire...
  10. Javelin3o4

    COVID infection survivors, question

    For me it was just getting winded easily. But now since the gyms opened back up not too long ago and I've been going back its been getting better. I was more tired than usual as well. To the point where I would come home from work and go lay on my bed.
  11. Javelin3o4

    Ads - Help!!!!

    I just use Firefox with uBlock Origin, no need to pay for anything additional.
  12. Javelin3o4

    Didn't think it would get this bad

    I got it back in December. I was in bed from Thursday to Sunday. Monday I felt good enough to get out of bed. Made an appointment to get tested and came back positive. Thankfully nobody in my house seemed to catch it as I stayed in my room for about a week or so. I just had my kids bring stuff...
  13. Javelin3o4

    How do you know when it's time to sell your baby?

    I've contemplated selling my '71 many times. I've never even got to actually drive it. The most I ever got to drive it under its own power was to turn it around and then once to load it up on a flat bed to take it to get the exhaust installed. I've had it since probably 2004 or 2005 maybe. I...
  14. Javelin3o4

    Lost close friend due to Covid this weekend

    I tested positive back in December for COVID. I honestly think I had it back in Feb/March or 2020. I recall getting sick in Feb like dang near everyone on our team at work did it just went from one to another, then afterwards had a nagging cough. Finally got frustrated and went and got tested...
  15. Javelin3o4

    Which 2022 pickup truck to wait for?

    I don't need a truck but I kinda been eyeing the Maverick. Compact hybrid truck. Obviously no "real" towing capacity but again I don't need all that. But a est 40mpg on a small truck starting at $20K.
  16. Javelin3o4

    20 wings $31

    I heard this on the radio a couple weeks ago about some chicken wing shortage.
  17. Javelin3o4

    Dryer question

    That is a common problem on Samsung dryers. as well as the idler pulley which is all in that kit. While you have the drum out check it for cracks. Some models have a bulletin where the drum cracks at the seam where its welded together. I've come across about 3 or 4. Its hard to notice til you...
  18. Javelin3o4

    2021 Child Tax Credit payments

    I already had an IRS account so I logged in and opted out. It still says that its processing and to check back in a few days but does show that I selected to opt out. My sister had to call because for some reason her birthday is screwed up with social security and stuff to where they think she...
  19. Javelin3o4

    New law to help stop robocalls

    I don't answer any calls unless the number is in my contacts info. Even on my company phone constant calls about my vehicles extended warranty expiring. If its someone I know and they need to talk to me they can send a text.
  20. Javelin3o4

    1969 AMC Hurst SC Rambler Scrambler

    Not 60 here (43) year but I know about it being called a Scrambler, but mainly from when I was growing up my Dad had a few AMC's. Couple Javelin's and a Hornet. I have my moms '70 Javelin now she had in the early 80's but its in storage. I wanted it when I was younger but ended up getting my '70...