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    78-79 Turbine rims for sale - Eastern PA - $250

    these are mine. I will not ship. You need to pick up in Temple, PA 19560
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    low budget 1979 Camaro project

    Yeah, it was a little sad seeing it go, since I spent so much time on it. I did save the louvers, I figured I would hang on the them, knowing what they bring on ebay. I also saved my set of turbine rims, which I am trying to sell for a mere $300 with brand new caps and lugs, and decent...
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    low budget 1979 Camaro project

    Sold the Camaro on Saturday. I just did not have the time for it anymore. But Steve (the guy I sold it to) is taking over the project. I wish him luck, and can't wait to see the finished product some day. Over and Out. It's been Great !!
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    1981 Camaro from Hot Wheels

    TH is Maroon correct ? Haven't come across one. Probably will not ever.
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    1981 Camaro from Hot Wheels

    i have the red one. it has plastic tires. I have never seen a Hotwheels with rubber tires.
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    1981 Camaro from Hot Wheels

    I have 2 of the red ones that other people bought for me, at different times. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized that they are all that way. Way to go Hot Wheels, get my hopes up with a good picture, and then put in a 3rd gen !!
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    1979 Rebuild on a budget...hopefully

    I got my center caps for my turbines brand new off of eBay.
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    One day HotWheel deal

    By the way, what is 'HEB' ?
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    My early 2nd gen collection

    Just looking for cool looking Realistic ones. Two on left ate Green Light ? Blue is matchbox, red is hot wheels. I have a cool Johnny Lightning yellow 77 Z28 that I bought off eBay, but what I Really am looking for is any 78-81 that looks cool.
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    One day HotWheel deal

    If you can spare one... I am in. Not greedy, I only want one.
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    My early 2nd gen collection

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    16 year olds Christmas present, What would you choose?

    LEMANS hands down ....
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    WTB: Chrome Bezels, Berlinetta Grill, Front Bumper 78-81

    if you feel like drive up to Reading, PA ... I will give you my chrome bezels
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    78-81 owners

    Love it ! Can't wait to play with my new IPhone 4s when I get it next week.
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    79 camaro parasitic drain(underhood)

    I have the same problem. But it takes a coue weeks to drain my brand new Deka battery. I did the same with the old battery. I like the amp meter in the fuse slot idea. I will have to try that. Thanks !
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    Shifter not lining up

    Is your rod hooked up that goes out to the lever on the firewall ? Either way, sounds like it got moved. You need to move it back to unlock position.
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    1981 Camaro patch panel question

    Not everyone sells the lower portion only.
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    1997 Camaro SS LT4

    I didn't know that any 4th gens had anything other than an LT1 (I had a 95 Z28) and an LS1 (I had a 99 Z28 and 00 SS) As far as I knew the SS was just an option, still the same motor. I do love the white and orange 97 though the best too.
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    center caps

    I think that was the dude that I bought the caps from for my steel wheels. either that or the ones for my Turbines. I can't remember, I have too many wheels LOL ;-)