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  1. Zstar

    When did this Happen….

    ^^^^Average nationwide funeral costs are $10k. You were spot on with your quote.
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    Housing Prices..hmm

    Do what MuscleCar did, move the hell out of commiefornia.
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    Used car cost is a vet referral site.
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    Housing Prices..hmm

    The signs of 2008 are out there, just not as loud. Ads for taking equity out of your home for whatever (dumb) are increasing. Past due payments are increasing at an alarming rate, evictions are increasing, and foreclosures will soon follow. My dad always said to not think of your home as an...
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    When did this Happen….

    You may want to recheck cremation cost. I made my arrangements 3 years ago. Since then funerals have become BIG business. Funeral directors became very popular at their banks.
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    McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom

    I was a jet engine mech on F4's for 8 years. Loved ol butt ugly.
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    This is really interesting info I was not aware of. But I do have a question. This data, I assume, is for the US only. The data that may have an effect on this is inflation rates in all the highly industrial countries around the world. What effect, if any, good or bad, does worldwide...
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    Looking for a nice original big block fan shroud

    I have a lower half that you are welcome to for the ride.
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    Home owners insurance

    If you are a vet, look at USAA. I switched in Feb after my insurance DOUBLED from $900. I went from #1800 to $750 with better coverage. And I bundled truck and house to get the mega discount.
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    What Issue Does A Power Steering Cooler Solve?

    I would suggest you have a pump problem. I never had steering problems even back in the early days. I have a Tuff Stuff sagainaw pump om my 73 and it works great. When I bought mine they weren't too expensive, now...not so much.
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    I don't eat out that much to begin with and I like to cook. I have duplicated great restaurant dishes from YouTube videos. The cost of beef and chicken has become totally ridiculous. But I know the production costs have skyrocketed. Farmers gotta live too.
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    Temperature Changes in the United States

    The sea level rise is truly scary in many ways. Insurance, food supply, animal habitat, coastal erosion and flooding, property values will eventually tank as the buildings are slowly reclaimed. Hell, if Miami Beach gets a sprinkle, the whole (island?) floods and they have to pump the water...
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    To the best of my feeble knowledge Hagerty is not overly concerned with mods, unless they are prosteet or promod type changes. They love safety and comfort mods.
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    Looking for a 1969 302 Z28 engine

    ...and bring LOTS of cash.
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    I am a proud Republican, US of A red meat eater, and I say the cattle and other livestock need to be tended to with a loving hand and encouraging word or two. And God save the ice cream!!! LOL!!!
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    Temperature Changes in the United States

    Just imagine the MILLIONS of people employed to generate this "material". What only a few people have admitted to though, is the fact that if the ENTIRE world were to stop polluting anything and everything today, it would take about 2 centuries to clear this mess up. I am truly glad my ride...
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    Temperature Changes in the United States

    Having grown up in Ft. Liquordale, I can attest to this being true. Here in Ocala they do the EXACT same thing. Keep Florida green, bring money.
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    Dude... Where's my KIA?

    Coming to? I am afraid that ship sailed some time ago.