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  1. 8pack

    Car cover recommendation?

    Not the best solution fir a garage with an unsealed concrete floor. If the garage is fully climate controlled, and there is constant air movement you are probably OK with plastic. But otherwise it traps moisture and all sorts of stuff will start to rust, oxidize or mold. Ideally you need...
  2. 8pack

    Housing Prices..hmm

    Circling back to the original question.......The housing market will cool and retreat. As we move into September through February Prices will trend down mostly, certain markets will lag and the hot markets will probably just level off. Bidding wars will be far less common, and people will find...
  3. 8pack

    Trying to decide on which leafs to buy…

    Just to add….make sure you know the spring rate on those. Stock I think were around #125. I have pan drum springs from Custom Works with an adjustable rear shackle to give me 2 ride height options. Mine are #175 and if I were to do it over I probably would have dropped the spring rate to #150...
  4. 8pack

    F-14 Tomcat Air Combat

    This platform remains in Iran's fighter fleet along with the F4 Phantom and F-5 Tiger.
  5. 8pack

    Car Lift

    great info on the concrete pad. I was wondering how it would work to get the plate bolts in place and lined up. Did you drill for the sinkers and then tighten them to the 90ft/lbs in the instructions after the concrete was in or use a different mounting set up that embedded the bolts into the...
  6. 8pack

    Car Lift

    I haven’t checked floor thickness yet. The garage was built in 1936 so I don’t know the concrete quality either. There are some cracks as well so I may have to cut out an area and repour concrete for mounting. Tha ceiling tray is very interesting, also would like to see how that looks up above...
  7. 8pack

    Car Lift

    I have a 3 car garage with 9ft ceilings. I had dreams of building a separate barn to work on my cars and put a full lift in. That looks very unlikley to happen. It is getting to be a lot of work to get the cars up on jackstands and safely roll around underneath to get any work done. I don't...
  8. 8pack

    Photos of your first motorcycle

    1985 Suzuki GS700ES. Last year before the real superbikes came out, GSXRs.... This was a blast to ride although I did get the high speed wobbles at 110mph on a curve on the highway....thankfully I was able to ride it out....
  9. 8pack

    DIY Trunk divider and package tray

    Flocking is that covering that is sort of like a velvet feel but it is typically a powder that is applied over a glue coated surface. The best example that you are probably familiar with is fake grass or moss on model railroad diorama set ups. It feels a little soft and fuzzy....
  10. 8pack

    Passenger rear locks up when braking normally

    Ok. But did you make sure the shirt and long brake shoes were installed in the right configuration…,,
  11. 8pack

    Anyone else downgrading?

    A few thoughts on leasing….. Yes you have payments “forever “ but you also never want to put any money down on a lease. You are just giving your money away. You can use that down payment against the lease payments to offset your monthly costs. Again, always zero down and finance it all. You...
  12. 8pack

    Is it cheaper in the end to buy rust free base model and convert, or z28 with rust?

    ALWAYS as little rust as possible. Almost anything else on the car is cheaper to fix, convert or repair than rust.......or if you do it yourself rust repair will always consume more hours than you rust, no rust, no rust! If possible...
  13. 8pack

    When did I get old?

    Is that a directed commentary or general observation....?
  14. 8pack

    Emergency brake assembly

    @Harris48cars ....might want to delete your post with your adress....although it is easy enough to find, no point in making it a gift to the scammers.....
  15. 8pack

    When did I get old?

    sometimes I just lay on my creeper and relax staring up at the bottom of my car or truck....always soemthing new to see and very relaxing.......getting up is another thing!
  16. 8pack

    Anyone else downgrading?

    I would consider a private sale on your Tundra over a dealer trade in. Probably good for a couple of $k more going that route. The delaerships move the numbers up and down pn each side of the deal to get where they want. You can control both sides of the deal by negotiating on the pruchase and...
  17. 8pack

    Serpentine Drive?

    I believe I bought a power steering pump for a 3rd Gen that uses the serpentine set up. I think I had to change the lines or use an adapter because the threads on that pump are metric. Not 100% sure though.
  18. 8pack

    TKX Conversion kits

    I have a TKO 600. It was a tight fit and I had to bang on the transmission him to get it to fit. I have about 1/8” clearance, maybe 1/4” where the top of the transmission comes up to the tunnel. It definitely fits, just right. I think I bought from American Powertrain. Love it on the highway...
  19. 8pack

    Car Jackings out of control

    The problem with shooting someone and not finding yourself in legal jeopardy is in many states you have to have no other means of escape, not all states, but a lot. And if someone already has their gun pointed at you, and you are carrying concealed, it is pretty unlikely you can draw fast enough...
  20. 8pack

    Serpentine Drive?

    I am not sure, but you do need an adapter. I don’t have my car here but I believe it was just a simple spacer. I can try and find if I still have any paperwork on it. I may have gotten the adapter from where I got my compressor.