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  1. jdove

    Sooo what u doing this weekend “

    Check me on fb bro.
  2. jdove

    Its been a few minutes since I've been here i hope everyone is well and killin it.

    Finally made it in
  3. jdove

    Sooo what u doing this weekend “

    What's up brother?
  4. jdove

    Instant Karma.

    What dumbazz,,,,
  5. jdove

    Big Sur Landslide...

    dirt cracks me up....haha...In all seriousness though it's really sad...
  6. jdove

    Big Sur Landslide...

  7. jdove


    That's cool looking bro... Don't give any haters the satisfaction. I hope you enjoy it man. Wouldn't go upgrading and stuff just yet though. And the "break in" could be tough for folks like us that like speed. Jim
  8. jdove

    Got my 16 year old his first car

    Good thing Dad is a good wrench. Congrats Dave that seems like a good deal. My daughter just got her a 2001 Maxima to drive. And my son don't have his permit yet but, he has 98 Neon in the driveway 71K on the ticker (all thanks to the X's Mom).
  9. jdove

    Windows 7 admin p.w. issues

    Who I need is Javelin...That dude can get you through anything. I'm afraid that if'n I shut this down I'll miss something and be hosed up altogether. I have the blank discs, but might need to get a flash drive to be able to see everything. Really don't know at this point. Jim
  10. jdove

    A band most don't know.

    ^^^^Good music brother.
  11. jdove

    Wild wheelstand !!

    ^^^^ And looks better too...
  12. jdove

    05 cobalt SS/SC

    X-wife has an '06, no issues with 175K on the ticker.
  13. jdove

    My son's boxing video

    The first one was a knock down, the second was a slip. Our boy took care of business in the end though. Jim
  14. jdove

    Get Your Checkups

    You'll be in my prayers, and wish you the best. The prayer list continues to grow.
  15. jdove

    My son's boxing video

    Just thought I'd share is all. He's making me proud. Skinny kid, but getting it done. Takes a lot of practice 5-7 4 days a week yada yada.. Jim
  16. jdove

    A band most don't know.

    Poets of the Fall have been around for quite sometime. Just never released in the U.S.. These guys do some harder rock and here's a softer song. They are a really deep thinking band and deserve all accolades that they get (which is alot in Finlannd and Europe). Check 'em out. Jim
  17. jdove

    Say a prayer for Scott Settlemire

    Ditto...Hope he is doing better.
  18. jdove


    Very cool nonetheless Terry. I remember COPO's post somewhat. Jim
  19. jdove

    Arby's pork belly sammich

    Okay Mark, look it up. LOL, (that can be looked up to).. Jim
  20. jdove

    The Voice

    No Dave, I have no side like that man. You should know that by now. If anyone ever get's seen at the clinic it would be you!!!!!!!! LMAO... Glad all is well Dave....

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