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  1. Philip

    I'd like to get ahold of the guy......

    I know Chevelle and Nova both have studs welded on the inside of the pedal bracket. Not all GM cars had nuts and bolts.
  2. Philip

    Trans am rear end (posi)

    Yes and you would have recieved the same answer by starting a new post rather than post in one 11 years old.
  3. Philip

    Sound deadener

    This is a really old thread but for me yes the peel and seal worked well to dampen the vibration of the metal to make the car quieter. One thing most people against asphalt based products is that the factory black sound deadener that GM used under the carpet is asphalt based. I put the...
  4. Philip

    Brake pedal return spring location

    75 - 79 X body used the same clip. Might be easier to find in a wrecking yard than a Camaro. One could be made easily, it is just a piece of metal with 2 holes in it.
  5. Philip

    Power Steering pump woes

    Those pulleys look like the March set up on my big block. I'm using a pump and pulley with a keyway and a retaining nut. Had issues with the press on pulleys and the keyway style solved them.
  6. Philip

    Lock up transmission questions

    I have a 4L80E in my wagon and I can feel the rpm drop when the convertor locks. It does feel like another gear, tach shows about a 200 rpm drop at around 55 mph.
  7. Philip

    Brake pedal return spring location

    Here are some with the parts out of the car. Attachment to the support bracket Attachment at the pedal
  8. Philip

    Pictures of your garage

    Thanks guys, culmination of 5 years work. Link in my signature to the build.
  9. Philip

    Pictures of your garage

    70ZED The 56 was a customers car, so is the 66 Nova. The wagon in the corner is mine. Just took it for the first drive last week. Need to finish buffing and then a polish before the Thursday night local show. L29 7.4L Vortec, 4L80E, 12 bolt posi 3.31 gears and 4 wheel disc from a 99 Trans Am.
  10. Philip

    Bye bye, photobucket...

    Supposedly my Plus account should work until the end of 2018 if I keep paying the yearly fee. Been paying it for 10 years for the increased bandwidth and to stop the ads. Not sure all users with the free accounts leaving are are going to hurt them financially. There was no revenue derived from...
  11. Philip

    Friday Funny

    On a similar note I finally found the pot at the end of the rainbow...not at all what I expected
  12. Philip

    Tilt steering column rebuild

    Cornering lights are used on some high end cars. When the turn signal comes on a bright light in the fender shines to the side to help see when cornering at night. The last 4 or so empty slots in the harness attached to the steering column are for the cornering light harness to plug in. If the...
  13. Philip

    engine/trans angled towards the passenger side?

    Yes I have rewired it to use an 0411 PCM, had the tuner install the tune we had from the truck computer when he removed the VATS and rear O2's. According to the GM manual the L29 uses a 24x. Hoping to get in the high teens or better for mileage. The stock cam was replaced with an Isky 265/275 on...
  14. Philip

    HELP! Replacing AC system

    OP has not logged in for nearly a year, you may not get an answer to your question.
  15. Philip

    engine/trans angled towards the passenger side?

    Photo is of the Chevelle frame, cross members are of a similar design for both. I wasn't aware that there were only 2 holes for the cross member in the F body frame rail. The bracket you installed is similar to the early A body boxed convertible frames just longer.
  16. Philip

    engine/trans angled towards the passenger side?

    If you look at the space between the frame rail and the position on the crossmember for the motor mount the drivers side has a wider space. I think the extra space is for the steering shaft to clear the engine. I found the easiest way to get the stock cross member to work with a 4L80 is to...
  17. Philip

    Sound Deadening Dynamat

    Julian link to the wagon build thread in my signature. maybe it will be done by the time you visit next :)
  18. Philip

    Sound Deadening Dynamat

    No the Nova is gone, working on a 72 Chevelle wagon now. Exactly and that is why the entire floor does not need to be covered. When gutting the interior of my Chevelle wagon I discovered the entire floor was covered with 1/2" thick jute padding. The car was quiet inside and the summer heat...
  19. Philip

    Sound Deadening Dynamat

    Any aluminum backed butyl rubber product stuck to metal will decrease the noise as most noise is caused by the metal vibrating. Heat resistance is a whole different matter. I used Second Skin Damplifier and Luxury Liner. worked great but will not spend that kind of money now that there are...

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