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  1. ssupercoolss


    At least you know it has a rebuilt title. A dealership salesman friend gave me his carfax account years ago, i got bored and looked up some of our old vehicles to see what it said about them. A salesman had a Taurus station wagon that was demolished in an accident. got broad sided and spun...
  2. ssupercoolss

    Car stereos, whos stuff is decent these days?

    i have always been a fan of Pioneer stuff, but honestly, i feel like even the big name stuff has dropped off significantly. i put a blaupunk (sp, i know) tuner/bluetooth thing in my '55. it was pretty cheap, and it is pretty cheap. the tuner every once and a while just quits, press a few...
  3. ssupercoolss

    I just came home to a flooded garage (wet floor anyway)

    I dont bring anything good to this thread since the job is basically done, but...... installed a Rinnai tankless in my weekend place in 2006. Granted, its low use, its now considered a "low flow" unit based on capacity, but i wouldnt hesitate to install one again. I have never done anything...
  4. ssupercoolss

    Housing Prices..hmm

    I think this needs to be tattooed on most people so they see it everyday. An acquaintance of mine with like 8 kids, lived so far beyond his means......i mean it wasnt hard to see it was going to be a problem at some point. Just the house he somehow managed to get a mortgage for had to put him...
  5. ssupercoolss

    Housing Prices..hmm

    I work with somewhere around 110 people, ranging from salesman, operations, foreman, operators, laborers, etc, everything you might find in construction. age 20 to 68. i can tell you about 85% of the people here live pretty much pay check to pay check. i remember when we had paper payroll...
  6. ssupercoolss

    Housing Prices..hmm

    Right. I dont get it either. People will argue the economy is in the toilet, inflation is out of control, but spending doesnt seem to be a problem for people.
  7. ssupercoolss

    Does anyone here know this car?

    I am always skeptical of on line ads now a days. looks like a nice car, but here is what bugs me. pictures with 2 different sets of wheels, but the ad says "original Z28 wheels". sure, maybe it comes with 2 sets, maybe not. Pictures are taken at a few different locations. it looks like the...
  8. ssupercoolss

    Housing Prices..hmm

    I remember applying for the loan for my weekend place in 2006, i was looking for about $100K, and the lender told me "i could approve you for a loan twice that amount". I remember thinking to myself "yeah if i didnt eat, didnt pay my electric or need any new clothes for the next few years". So...
  9. ssupercoolss

    Housing Prices..hmm

    I feel pretty lucky to have bought and sold in march/april 2019. i felt a little bit of what is going on now when i did this. My realtor talked me into listing the house for less than i "wanted", and it turned out to be a genius move. i got way over asking on the first offer, and inspections...
  10. ssupercoolss


    I am fortunate my employer gave pretty much everybody in the company a cost of living type pay raise to start this year (season actually) off. i have a company vehicle to and from work, so my gas usage is really pretty low to begin with. Gas is what i put in the hot rods to make them go, so i...
  11. ssupercoolss

    Living in Middle Tennessee is Awesome

    animals galore. at my primary home, i have deer eating my arborvitaes, which i think i have taken care of now, bunnies, foxes, raccoon, (he's new to the area) and my arch enemy, the groundhog. i have relocated 3 of those, and i'm pretty sure i am groundhog free now. With my groundhog issue, i...
  12. ssupercoolss

    Electric Car Road Tax

    Thats a good point. they should be taxed for road use as well.
  13. ssupercoolss

    Help with a dryer vent by my a/c.

    This got me thinking that my vent exits near my AC, and should go check this out. Mine probably exits closer, and there is no sign of lint, what so ever. i do only run the dryer once a week, tho.
  14. ssupercoolss

    Wierd “tap, crack or knock” Sound?

    those engines are famous for broken exhaust manifold studs. I dont really think it sounds like that, but my money is on something external to the engine.
  15. ssupercoolss

    700r4 shifting weird

    The used 200r4 i put in my monte did the same thing as yours when i installed it. I did come to the conclusion that the TV valve was stuck “in” not returning to idle position. My pressures were really strange when that was happening. I did the yank on the cable a bunch like you did, so when i...
  16. ssupercoolss

    People Don't know much about carburetors these days.

    This is what sort of kept me from actually going to EFI, i feel like i would be just replacing parts that i cant make work, therefore, the "quick fix". I will tell you this, An AFR guage is a great tool to help you understand when the different circuits of a carb come in. An AFR gauge will...
  17. ssupercoolss

    Toter Home

    He is using what ever trans was behind the 6.0, (at least i think that truck had a 6.0, but im not positive) He says its "built" but we will see. I know he played hell keeping turbo hoses from blowing off of it, but got that ironed out. Allisons are generally pretty expensive, for good reason...
  18. ssupercoolss

    Toter Home

    A friend of mine put a cummins in like a 2006 F250. i give him a lot of props for doing that, he basically does stuff like that for kicks. He is pushing a ton of HP, again, just 'cause. He said its really the only thing he has that can scare the crap out of him. most of his other toys are...
  19. ssupercoolss

    People Don't know much about carburetors these days.

    I can absolutely tell you that the PO of my '55, didnt know crap about carbs. (among some other things) but honestly, i didnt know much about carbs until i had to. When i got my Camaro, i had to adjust the curb idle a little, and run some gas through it to make it run good. That car is steady...
  20. ssupercoolss

    Trying to get a Volvo key made... NEVER AGAIN

    Thats a crazy amount for a key. Thats silly. I did have a 96-ish mercedes a few years ago, that in order to get a spare key for, i had to take me, the car, the key, and some proof i owned the car, to the dealer. I dont remenber it being stupid expensive though.

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