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  1. Coadster32

    Random Poor Running/Stalling

    Is your car an automatic? Perhaps when it goes into third, the vacuum signal changes? (Just throwing darts here)
  2. Coadster32

    Rear Shock Noise??

    Glad you got it sorted out. FWIT...I have KYB's on my fair weather street driven cruiser as well. Had them for the last 4 years with zero issues, and I normally have my two kids in the back. Best of luck, and enjoy the riding.
  3. Coadster32

    Hard starting when warm

    I'll agree with the two above. Headers run really close to the starter. Cold car will not see this issue until driving it enough to get it nice and hot. The starter tends to get a bit overheted, and refuses to work. Solenoid is mounted to the starter, so it all absorbs quite a bit of heat. Heat...
  4. Coadster32

    Another "do I have blown head gasket" thread

    I used a "block tester". I got mine from Autozone. They'll let you rent it for free. It detects exhaust gasses in the coolant system. Nothing to tear down to preform this test. If the fluid turns color, you have exhaust gasses in your coolant system, most likely confiming a head gasket issue.
  5. Coadster32


    When this happens to me, I rev it up back to them, and look all serious back at the light. When the light turns green, I don't go. Cracks me up every time.
  6. Coadster32

    Total lunar eclipse tonight

    Nice pics. I wasn't missing was perfectly clear, and moon right outside my balcony. I also caught the sunrise eclipse last year as well. I like this kind of thing.
  7. Coadster32

    I am Sure this is not Good

    It is nice that when you take something apart, the problem reveals itself. (sucks when it doesn't)
  8. Coadster32


    Funny!! My boss would never even see that.
  9. Coadster32

    Another interesting EFI vs Carb thread....

    I tuned my carb the best that I could when it was 72degrees, and medium humidity outside. Anything outside of that is ok and runs fine, but probably not ideal. 383 street driven weekend car, so I don't give a hoot. EFI would be nice, but not worth the coin for my needs. Happy that I get to drive...
  10. Coadster32

    Carb adjustment issues

    While it's running, spray carb cleaner around the intake manifold edges, and carb base to see if the idle picks up more. This may help find the leak as well. Plug up the carb where your hoses plug into as well, to help eliminate those. Good luck.
  11. Coadster32

    Most Fun I've Ever Had

    So cool!!! That rear exit is sweet.:cool: I was 18 when I jumped tandem. Was my 1st time in a plane ever. Out the side door, wind type exit.
  12. Coadster32

    Personalized Plates

    My daily driver was MCHNST...(guess my occupation). Had it on my motorcycle as well. Just saw one two days ago....U LOOSER
  13. Coadster32

    Sweet Manufacturing

    ^^ Strode is spot on ^^. I'm in manufacturing, and material leads times are out of whack right now. Covid was the 1st big issue, Cargo chips outside of Cali, Ukraine invasion.....need to be patient.
  14. Coadster32

    Wicked sounding Nova

    Sounds [email protected]:cool: Neighbors must love him.
  15. Coadster32

    traction bars hanging too low ??

    I have mine set a about 3/8"
  16. Coadster32

    Another business gone ...

    A couple of years back I was trying to get an electric fan setup for my Camaro. Both Jegs and Summit were on months of backorder. Basically the same exact fan from either place. Had them both on order, and when the first one came in, cancelled the other. I had no issues with Jegs. I agree that...
  17. Coadster32

    To emblem or not to emblem

    The only emblem on my Camaro is the one on the gas door in back. Even then, I went with a different year because of the color. I think it looks cleaner that way, but that's just my opinion. You can always try it the way you like it, and add them later if desired.
  18. Coadster32

    Best brand ring and pinion gears

    I went with a set of Motive 3:90's in my street driven weekend warrior Camaro. Spirited driving, and cruising mix when I get in it. Have about 6000 miles, without issue.
  19. Coadster32

    Aluminum Radiators????

    I did research when I bought a new radiator a couple of years ago. I came to believe that what is more important is the size of the tubes...not so much number of rows. The size of the tubes can dissipate the heat better as there is more contact. I cast no vote on this. (Not looking for attacks...
  20. Coadster32

    "Bat out of Hell"

    Amazing album...listening to it right now. They said that he wasn't the best singer when auditioning for this roll, but he was the most passionate. Hard to argue that. RIP

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