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    Bobbi Kristina daughter of Whitney Houston dead at 22

    why do some people make being rich seem so difficult?
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    Super Clean '70 Firebird Formula...

    4sp and full gauges...big plus
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    What would you do?

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    7" 3rd gen tire size option

    think BS was different on those later wheels
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    New Ownership '78 LT

    if you have the coin, I vote these. should be bolt on and go
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    door panels

    need upper door panels for a '70, any suggestions on a good source? thx
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    Questions About Subframe Connectors

    IMO unless its a track only car, id say bolted is fine
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    1979 suspension upgrade vs new Vette
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    Laid bike down again lol

    surprised you could "knee drag" at all. have heard the cops are everywhere, and take spirited driving as a personal insult. many riders have moved to alternate routes nearby to "let it rip"
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    2015 Isle of Man TT

    so true, those guys have some major stones
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    Some cruising with Dave at Inde HPDE

    much too polite, should have stayed in that vettes tailpipe...jk looks like a blast
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    What is an 81 Turbo Trans Am Nascar Edition worth?
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    255 or 275 60's on my car???

    why not keep the 17s and go with a 50 series tire
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    285/35/18 on the front?

    that's huge for fronts
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    The new rage on social media

    if you want to see real genius, try a search for lighting bonfires.
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    That guy in Florida with the huge...

    don't think he would mind if I shared his screen name. I saw his awesome collection couple yrs ago. its 71zz430 (john)
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    Is this the same guy?

    right, one is an "attraction"(punta gorda), the other is a private collection(tampa)
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    Last Call Parting 73 Out

    just a shot...upper door panels?
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    cant say ive seen that size before

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