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  1. FatnLow

    New Project - 79 Z-28

    Length depends on if you have cruise option. There would be two then. One from trans to cruise box. Then another to under dash. Can't help with shifter rods I have an automatic.
  2. FatnLow

    Been busy!

    Like you said a long time ago, never finished. Nice job on those 5th gen seats! Show winner I am sure!
  3. FatnLow

    Zeadly 81

    Nice progress!! Patches looked great. I know that plastic welding takes plenty of time. My front cover needed repairs. Looking forward to seeing the Blue Z!
  4. FatnLow

    New owner of a 71 Camaro

    Nice find! Welcome!
  5. FatnLow

    Project Rusty Sport

    Looking good!! Thanks for the pics. Also I like that tank setup.
  6. FatnLow

    The Z-Corn. My 80 Z28.

    I don't know how I got that5 in there rather than a 2? That is the kit I used. Looking good!!
  7. FatnLow

    Kent's 79 ever changing project

    Recent picture Camaro2 by FatnLow posted Sep 4, 2017 at 10:17 PM
  8. FatnLow

    Kent's 79 ever changing project

    Camaro by FatnLow posted Sep 4, 2017 at 10:10 PM
  9. FatnLow

    Kent's 79 ever changing project

    I guess I need to edit my thread and fix all my pictures. Thanks photobucket.
  10. FatnLow

    The Z-Corn. My 80 Z28.

    I'm running the 5610 springs on my 79 with Hotchkis 5408c rear springs. Rides great but it's low. I need to check out photobucket no pics showing.
  11. FatnLow

    LED headlights

    Is this the model of TruckLite?
  12. FatnLow

    79 Camaro dash cluster trouble shooting

    Do a scan of the electrical forum on here. There are plenty of threads. Welcome.
  13. FatnLow

    Got my car on the dyno (see attached video)

    Very nice!! Great outline!!
  14. FatnLow

    With a little help from my friends

    Looks like a great neighborhood!! Z is coming together nicely.
  15. FatnLow


    Just curious are you logged in to the site on the phone? I don't see any of this? Chrome and Firefox both. Iphone either with Safari.
  16. FatnLow

    Returning a 1973 to the road after 15years in a garage

    Looking good, enjoy!
  17. FatnLow

    2005 Silverado HVAC question.

    Fixed!! Thanks to all!! I used Duralast JA1639 for auto climate and consel. sp?? Next I need to break down and fix the emission error. The fix is a breather by the tank. I could search old posts it is here somewhere. Thanks again!!
  18. FatnLow

    2005 Silverado HVAC question.

    I'll let you know tonight. I just ordered it from the zone!
  19. FatnLow

    2005 Silverado HVAC question.

    I had a gm friend run vin and no recall for free. I have not swapped to a new one. I'm hesitant about cutting all the wires and soldering on the rockauto one. I need to just do it. I bought my daughter a horse and it is taking all my spare time since school is out. Plus now Tropical storm Cindy...
  20. FatnLow

    1980Z redneck-touring vortec/6spd

    Great job on that bumper mod!. Also your fender vents look great also.

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