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  1. sandlapper

    another Canuck movie worth watching "Still Mine"

    True, contemporary story set in St. Martins & St. Johns at maritime province New Brunswick; filmed there as well. Highly rated "Still Mine" released 2012. Canadian writer & director is Michael McGowan. Co-star Genevieve Bujold is Canadian as well. Quite emotive performance from both Bujold and...
  2. sandlapper

    How bout chawl jus have a seat, kay ?

  3. sandlapper

    Tip How to remove crank repair sleeve (on 1 piece rear main seal crank)

    same technique applies no matter if Cat or Corolla How to remove crankshaft repair sleeve (on 1 piece rear main seal crank)
  4. sandlapper

    Hey Canucks! Here's a Movie especially for you.

    title is 49th Parallel 1941 filmed BEFORE US officially entered WWII and also when US was officially neutral; but while Canada & Britain were very much in the fight against Hitler. Storyline is from that perspective. I saw it yesterday on the free Pluto channel. It's very good & has a stellar...
  5. sandlapper

    EZ Oil Primer method

    No, I haven't tried this, but I might. Article's primer is intended for LS but could just as easily be adapted to sbc/BBC, Ford etc... just have to ensure there's a distributor housing installed in GM to close the gap.
  6. sandlapper

    Candice Bergen, just learned y'all have one too!

    More than an iconic American actress & beauty; ignorant state-sider learns Canada has its very own Candice Bergen (MP) Rather recently, I began receiving CBC news via my US internet provider. Today I see Candice Bergen. WHAT? Then I proceeded to edjamacate myself.
  7. sandlapper

    passing over: Pat Goss

    motorweek web site notes passing of their long-time partner Pat Goss. May our Lord Always Bless and Keep Pat +
  8. sandlapper

    Walter the Cat's Winter Chevy Commercial

    Walter the Cat's Winter Chevy Commercial ... produced by Chevrolet
  9. sandlapper

    AERA Webinar: Diagnoses of Oil Consumption Thurs 13 JAN 2022

    Diagnoses of Oil Consumption Webinar hosted by AERA, presented by Reiner Holwein from KS/TRW Products
  10. sandlapper

    Both AFR & SCAT acquired by Taglich Private Equity
  11. sandlapper

    2023 ZO6 LT6 Normally Aspirated 670 HP 8600 Redline

    2023 ZO6 LT6 GDI, VVT, Normally Aspirated 670 HP 8600 Redline, DOHC, Flat Plane Crank, 5.5L V8, 4.4" bore spacing, 4-valve/cyl, 110% yes 110% volumetric efficiency.
  12. sandlapper

    Again, for 2021, Canadian Sweet Potato Pie for a Sandlapper

    Canadian Sweet Potato Pie for US Thanksgiving 2021 (yes biker I'll have a slice for you!)
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  14. sandlapper

    Recommended Reading: fresh articles on pro shop Engine Cleaning tech

    Recommended Reading: fresh articles on pro shop Engine Cleaning tech/methods For those who are planning a motor build or rebuild; but recognize they don't know it all about the various methods Pro auto machine shops use for cleaning blocks, heads etc...
  15. sandlapper

    surprised by cheap oil at my discount grocers

    In my regular discount grocers(WI$E BUY$) today and I saw a large selection of motor oils rather cheap. I shop there weekly and never seen oil in this grocery. For years, I've run Rotella full-syn T6 5W-40 in many vehicles; both gas & diesel. It's currently over $22 at walmart. Today, I bought 9...
  16. sandlapper

    Y'all Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving

    I wish a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to our Canada contingent and to their families & friends. And thank y'all for being the best neighbors we could ask for.
  17. sandlapper

    different cam machining tech: triboconditioning

    different cam machining tech: triboconditioning
  18. sandlapper

    Dutch F1 race at Zandvoort, Netherlands this weekend 03 - 05 SEP 2021

    Folks, this weekend's F1 race is, for first time in nearly 40 years, at historic Zandvoort seaside track in Netherlands. And, Damn does it have banking, twisties & elevation changes! Home track for dynamic Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. All elements in place for a close, exciting battle...
  19. sandlapper

    Commissar Bezos' gift to us

    recently got an email from amazombie regarding change of user agreement ... including how disputes now settled with No arbitration but now exclusively within state & Fed Courts of King County Washington State. And NO jury trial. DISPUTES Any dispute or claim relating in any way to your use of...
  20. sandlapper

    ED ISKENDERIAN, still alive & well; TURNS 100 July 10 2021

    Ed Iskenderian; noted hi-performance innovator, manufacturer & "Isky" camfather turns 100 years of age this Saturday 10 JULY 2021. Birthday Bash, Show & Cacklefest near Onyx, CA (NE of Bakersfield).

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